part II 1971-1977


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November 26-27 Sunday-Monday

Sick with the flu. [I did nothing of importance the whole day [Sunday]...listened to "Close to the Edge" by Yes (77), read a bit of "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" and a bit of "The Two Towers"...Called Dave...he was asleep...and Alan...didn't want to do anything. Called Alan again at 7pm to see if there was anything going on and he said he'd call Lesley- she was in Pierrefonds- then he said he'd call Gillian- it was busy. He said he'd try again, but he didn't call back and when I called him he'd gone to bed because he wasn't feeling well. I called Dave but he was at MacDonald's. Dave called me at about 8:10pm and it was decided I would go over a ride to Dave's. We listened to records till about 10 and then we went upstairs to watch the last bit of "Columbo". At about 10:35 I got picked up. [I include this bit of vacuity to illustrate my insatiable and desperate quest for the society of my peers. Ahem. Pathetic, isn't it.]].


November 27 Monday

[After school I walked home by myself (Andy had a make-up test) and called Dave to see why he was away- he asked me to come over. Hassle about Danielle's bike [I presume she wouldn't let me borrow it]. Alan called to see what happened in Hist, French and Eng.- I ended up walking to Alan's to get my bike and then rode to Dave's. I missed Star Trek but saw Get Smart [obviously a memorable visit]. I left Dave's around 6:15 and went home (Dave wrote me a note) [both math teacher Kennedy and French teacher Kafadarow had questioned me about my absence on Friday]].


November 28 Tuesday

Didn't feel well, went home after Chemistry class. [...Lunch- Andy, Hilljones + I went in the woods behind the shops: one joint].


November 29 Wednesday

Chem-wrote on Dave's coat again. B(spare)-Christine, Dave and I went to the shops, got donuts and sat in Topaz. I dropped a dime in Christine's tea. Lunch-Ralph and I went to the C.C., Richard came half way with us. Had a cig then went back in. Met Lesley and Rob, tried to get Lesley outside for the bumps but couldn't. Met Diane in the Great Hall, her and I were going to give Ralph the bumps but didn't [Ralph took photos this day]. [After school I went to Fairview and bought "Rock and Roll Music to the World" by Ten Years After, and then went to Dave's. Dave had gotten acid at Fairview + was tripping when I got to his house at 4:10. Alan called at around 6 pm and asked if we could come to his house because Hilljoans [sic] was coming. Talked him into coming to my house [...] So me and Dave walked to my house. Margaret [Maggie?] went with us to Devon where she met friends: she was on 8 downers [...] Came to my house and brought the stereo downstairs. At about 5 to eight I called Alan to see if he was still coming and he said Richard hadn't showed up yet. I told him to come anyway and he got here at 8:20. He said he'd called Hilljones [sic] but there was no answer. Father drove them home at around 10 pm]. nite-rode Dave's bike to Ralph's, Dave there. We talked about Star Trek etc. Got a ride home with Mr. deSmit.




77. Released in the UK in September 1972.

Alan and Diane