part II 1971-1977


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November 23 Thursday

B(spare)-Christine, Dave and I went to the shops, got donuts and sat in Topaz. On the way back ran and threw snow like a snowplow. Lunch-Dave, Ralph, Linda and I went to the C.C., on the way a guy on a bike swerved to miss Dave and wiped out. Ralph got on the roof and threw snow and old lunches at us. Dave and Ralph went in and Linda and I went back to the school. [...On the way home I had a snow fight with Andy...At around 5:30 Alan called and asked me to come over because Lesley and Rob were coming. After a great deal of, shall we say, debate [with my parents] I was allowed to go. I saw Alan's new movie- remember blotters- and talked. Nothing much happened. On the phone earlier Alan had told me that Dave had broken off with Linda (the other way around)[?]. They started a fight in the hall right after I left them at 202]. nite-about 7:10 Lesley and her friend Rob came over, sat in the basement. Watched movies. Ralph came. Lesley and Rob left at 8:30, Ralph at 9.


November 24 Friday

B(spare)-Dave, Ralph, Christine and I went to the shops, got donuts, sat in Topaz. Threw big pieces of snow in the road on the way back. Art-Christine came in the class, didn't do much. History-Wood going over the French Revolution again, Dave and I banging on our chairs. Lunch-Dave, Ralph, Linda, and I went to the C.C., had a snowball fight under the trees. Diane came, we sat outside the pool while Ralph and Mike [where did he come from?] threw snow at us and each other. French-Ralph and I didn't go. Dave, Ralph, Christine, Diane and I went out at the front by St John's. Threw snowballs, then we went to the back field. Bradley [a gym teacher] caught us smoking but didn't do anything [smoking was technically not permitted on school property]. [...Came home with Andy and a friend of his. Listened to records, finished "The Fellowship of the Ring" [for the nth time: I had gotten the "Lord of the Rings" series in elementary school and had read the 1st volume several times, but didn't read the whole series, including "The Hobbit" until the previous summer in Europe]...Dave called to say he won't come to Alan's. Got to Alan's at about 7:40. Sat in the front of the basement calling people: Diane's mother has the flu [sounds like a lame excuse], Gillian's going to a party, Lesley's going to Judy Robinson's, etc. Sometime after eight Linda came. We went into the back of the basement and looked at some old movies- Oct 72, July 72, May 31, May 12, May 27?, Oct 71 etc. Talked, listened to records, fought over the couches and the long winter carnival booze container-and-cane-in-one thing. Got picked up at about 11:05 and drove Linda home to DDO]. nite-about 8 Ralph came over, then Linda, sat in the basement. Watched movies. Fought over the couches and the red pole [?]. They left at 11.


November 25 Saturday

[...Called Alan at 1 pm. He told me nothing much was going on today. Dave was out, downtown or at Christine's, Lesley was at Fairview and he himself was going downtown to visit George London [uh huh]. I went to Alan's anyway]. About 1:20 Ralph came over, sat in the basement.[George London called a couple of times and it was decided that Alan would meet him at Fairview. Then Lesley called to say she was getting a ride to Fairview [what an astounding coincidence!] and to meet her on St John's]. At 2:20 got picked up at St John's by Lesley, Judy Robinson was in the car. Went to Fairview (we told Ralph I was going downtown to see George London (but really I was going to Dave's) and Lesley and Judy were going to a movie ["Asylum"]). [Judy Robinson was with Lesley but we lost her. Lesley started getting really mad but we found her [Judy] again. We took pictures. So it looked like a thrilling night. Left Fairview at 4:15]. At 4:10 Ralph went home, and at 4:20 I walked to Dave's. Sat in the livingroom. At 5:30 we walked to McDonald's, met Lesley and Judy there. [Dave called at around six and asked if I wanted to come around 7:30pm. I called Andy and he said he'd come too. We picked him up at 7:45 and he took a long time to get ready]. We stopped at Diane's and got her then went back to Dave's. Got there about 6:25, I dropped 1/2 of the 1/4 acid Gillian gave me last Saturday, at about 7:30 dropped the rest. At 7:50 Ralph, Danielle and Andy came, we had hid under the table and surprised [?] Ralph for his [16th] birthday. [I went downstairs and it was rather dark and I sat sown on the couch. As I got accustomed to the dark , I noticed 3 people sitting under the table against the wall. I looked at Dave and said "What's this?" and then they all jumped out from under the table yelling "Surprise!" and Alan appeared from behind the bar. Anyway it turned out that the whole thing was planned as a surprise Birthday party (aw shucks!). I got a pack of cigarettes from Dave and a drawing from Andy [which I still have somewhere] it the giant Donald Duck smoking a hookha one?]. Abit later Diane, Ralph, Danielle, Andy and I went out to the field and smoked some of Andy's weed [except Danielle, who didn't smoke ever]. Got stoned from the acid then. [Anyway, Alan, Lesley and Judy were tripping. Andy had some grass and we went out (Alan, Diane, Danielle, Andy and myself) for a "snowball fight"; we had three [joints] and were pretty wiped when we came in]. Went back and Don and 3 others were there. Diane and I were throwing around an imaginary white glob at each other. Don and Co. left at 11 [I believe there was some tension between Don and I that night, I think I insulted him and he threatened me (very mildly)]. [Dave, Andy, Judy and Danielle played Hands Down for a while, and Don and co. left at around 10 [no wonder]. Then Dave came down with a cake, homemade etc. I had a big piece and later got indigestion. Dave played a song he had made up on the piano. At 11:35 my father came to pick us up. Attendance: Danielle, Alan, Dave, Lesley, Judy [Robinson], Andy, Don + 3 friends, Diane, Sue + Heather]. We left at 11:30, got a drive with Ralph. Didn't get to sleep 'till 4.