part II 1971-1977


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August 26 Saturday

At 1 Bob came over, I renovated. At 1:30 Gillian came, the Lesley. Then at 3 Diane, sat in the den and talked about school. Bob left, then Lesley, Gill watched TV downstairs and Diane and I played chess and made faces at kids outside. Made popcorn. Bob and a cute girl Sharon came over, then Sandi. Diane and I played cards while they talked. At 10 we watched Mission Impossible, Gillian left. Diane left at 10:45, the rest at 11.


August 27 Sunday

At 1(?) Gillian came over, watched the Olympics on TV. Renovated at 4, my parents returned at 4:30. Gillian left. nite- at 7:30 Gillian came over, then Lesley and Judy, then Bob and Sandi. Made 'Let's Throw a Deal' tape. Judy left at 9:30. Turned off the lights and attacked each other, water fight. They left at 10:30.


August 28 Monday

At 12:30 I went to Fairview, got Ralph and Danielle's T-Rex tickets. Left there at 2. nite- walked to Gillian's, watched TV in a bedroom, Abby there too. Then watched in the study. Cathy Hay there for 10 minutes. Alan W. came. I left at 9:30.


August 29 Tuesday

At 1:30 I walked to the Pits, walked around, then saw Chris. Tried to get to Donigani but decided not to. Sat with Chris, had a play fight, he tried to throw me over and ripped my coat [the fight was more than play] (65a)....nite- at 6:45 Judy came over, she has a haircut. Sat until 7:55 when we met Diane in the road. She and I went to the Pits for about 15 minutes then we walked to Lanore Doy's uncle's house. Lesley, Judy, Sandi, Brenda, Sharon, the guy Greg (Aug 20) and another guy plus Lanore there. Diane, Lesley and I hated it (Boredom). Had the lights on and off. Diane and I left at 10:45, walked at St John with her.


August 30 Wednesday

At 12:25 Lesley came over, sat in the basement. Diane came, Lesley was sowing on a patch. About 3 Gillian, Alan and a blond guy came. The blond left about 10 minutes later. Diane left at 4, watched the Wild Wild West in the livingroom. They left at 5:30. nite- at about 7:25 Gillian and Alan came over, sat in the basement. Threw water on Gill. At 8:15 Lesley and a girl Janet Stockton (July 6) came over, didn't do much. Lesley had brought her record player. Gill and Alan left at 10, Lesley, Janet and I watched 'Night Gallery' in the reckroom. They left at 11.


August 31 Thursday

At about 2:15 Gillian came over, sat in the basement. At 3:15 Andy came, talked, watched Wild Wild West in the livingroom. At 5:30 Ralph (he's back from Europe) and Dave came down [I remember them arriving as they walked down the street towards the house. The sun was out but low, Ralph's hair was longer and he walked with a bounce because he knew he was the guest of honour. It was good to have him back]. Went to the basement, except for Andy who left. Gill left at 6 and Ralph at 6:15. Dave stayed. Lesley came at 6:30, then Judy, then Diane, then Ralph and Danielle. Smoked a joint with cocaine (ZAP) [where did that come from?]. Played 'Elemental Child' by T-Rex [to death]. Sat in the dark and made shadows on the wall. Judy left at 9:30. Lesley and Danielle went to the store, so we played baseball with a pillow and a running shoe. They all left at 10:40.




65a. Email for Chris Todd, March 26, 2012:


This past Friday, an old friend make mention of the Mapes, a name which had faded from my lexicon decades ago. I googled it, and from there, was led to your journals.


I'm certain I'm not the only person who has contacted you after stumbling over them, some of whom, I suspect, we're not entirely happy with their discovery.


Although staggered by the detail, I was amused, at the very least, and impressed by how much work you must have put into publishing this stuff!


Are you still in contact with any of your group? Say hi for me to Ralph or Gillian if you are. I liked Ralph; I thought he had a very good mind, and he had an honest personality. His somewhat disparaging observations about me are understandable, if not completely correct, but inoffensive.  Having found myself transplanted into a profoundly complex social environment at that time, combined with acute shyness, and the fact that the only thing I did have in common with everyone else was an appreciated friendship with you, was challenging, to say the least. Perhaps my estrangement from you and the group was simply moving on to other circles with whom I had more in common. I was interested in motocross, and hung at the pits a lot. Later, I would become pretty successful in racing, which lasted about six years for me.


Hawkesbury was quite good, and I've always thought of it as home.


I'm in Toronto, divorced, father of two.


Drop me a line back and say hi.


Cheers, Chris (Sent from my iPhone)