Dave and Ralph
Came to my house and brought the stereo downstairs. At about 5 to eight I called Alan to see if he was still coming and he said Richard hadn't showed up yet. I told him to come anyway and he got here at 8:20. He said he'd called Hilljones [sic] but there was no answer. Father drove them home at around 10 pm]. nite-rode Dave's bike to Ralph's, Dave there. We talked about Star Trek etc. Got a ride home with Mr. deSmit.

November 30 Thursday
B(spare)-Dave and I went to the shops, got donuts and got the car keys from my old lady [there shopping] and sat in the Lincoln. Lunch-Dave, Ralph, Linda and I went to the C.C. and sat in the corner, then we went back in, then Ralph, Linda, Richard and I went to the C.C. under the trees. Dave came, they were kicking around Linda's purse. I piggybacked Linda in from the C.C. [...Called Alan at 6:25 to ask if he was going to Fairview tonight but he wasn't. Dave called at 10 pm]. nite-about 7 Richard came over, sat in my room. We talked, asked each other questions. He left at 9, noticed the weed plants had come up.

December 1972

December 1 Friday
B(spare)-Dave and I went to the shops, Richard caught up with us on the way down. Got donuts, sat in Topaz. Art-many jokes about elephants, chorus lines. Lunch-Dave, Ralph, Linda and I went to the C.C., Linda and I went back, throwing snow at each other on the way. In the school met Richard. He, Linda and I had a snowball fight outside near the aud. Dave and Ralph came, went in the school, then out again with Dave, Ralph and Linda to the C.C. on the sidewalk. Math-(Miss Hunt, Dear!) [poor Miss Hunt]. [After school Dave and I went to PAPT [on the corner of Hymus and Alston] to get our Social Security forms and then went to Fairview. I bought flash batteries [ie: for flash on my camera], and "Benefit" by Jethro Tull. Took pictures. [...] got home at 6....after supper Dave and I left for Alan's]. nite-at about 7:50 Dave and Ralph came over, didn't do much [When we got there Alan was mad because his intercom wasn't working. We brought it out to the front of the basement + plugged it in there and it worked. So eventually we got 2 ext. cords + left plugged in same socket but we got it into the back of the basement [got that?]. I took a few pictures. We talked about commercials etc].. Andy came about 10:30, we watched the newest movie. They left about 1:10 [more likely 11:10].

December 2 Saturday
[Today was Lesley's birthday and Mrs. Wiseman wanted us all to be there at 8 pm to surprise Lesley. During the daytime there was nothing to do and no one knew for sure if they were going. Eventually we got it all settled and Diane (had to go to sister's) + Andy (didn't feel like it) were the only ones who wouldn't come. At that point Lesley called called and asked me and Alan if we would come over tonite as there was nothing to do but we both made up an excuse. Dave got here at 6:30 and by the time we were all finished [doing what? eating dinner? wrapping presents?] it was 10 to 8]. nite-got picked up at the St John's by Ralph, Danielle and Dave were in the car. [We got dropped off at the end of the street because we didn't want the car to drive up [and alert Lesley to our arrival]. We just walked in like we'd been told to do and Sandy and Judy F. directed us downstairs. We sat there for about 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door. Lesley answered and Bob + Cathy came in [and ruined part of the surprise, I think]. Then Judy came down and told us to hide in the back room]. We drove to Lesley's and snuck in and hid in the small room in the basement. After 45 minutes [while Lesley ate and watched TV [was this some kind of revenge on Judy and Sandy's part? Why wasn't Lesley lured downstairs earlier?] Lesley came down, and we came out and surprised her (it was her birthday). Judy, Sandi [Sandy didn't come down the whole night except to bring the cake], Bob and Cathy were there. [I took pictures and Alan kept blinding me with the flash]. Sat on the floor, went outside and threw snow at each other, [everybody tripped everyone else + covered them with snow; Lesley got the bumps and then I got them because they hadn't given them to me on Tuesday. I got snow all down my back etc.

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