part II 1971-1977


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November 16 Saturday

At my place in the basement. Rob, Mich, Gillian and Maggie. Played poker, I won $1,000,000.


That was something we did learn at Abbott; games. We played Hearts constantly, others played chess. Later would come Backgammon and Yum...oh yes, and of course pool.


Chuck and his friends were party people. So when they heard I was alone one weekend, they thought they had a place to 'rant'. Two car loads of them showed up. I wasn't about to let them in, so they threw beer bottles and the house and stole a cement lion that stood on the porch. Terry and Michelle were with them and felt bad about it.


There are no records for the last two weeks of November.



December 1974



December 5 Thursday

Ralph took photos of Mike (in my car), Andy and myself (in the caf at Abbott) and of Andy in Ottawa while they were on a Political Science trip


December 6 Friday

At Fred's. Maggie, Cheryl [Foster's girlfriend], Foster, Rob, Mich etc [?]. They were drunk.


December 7 Saturday

A straight day [interesting. Drug use was now so prevalent that days without them are recorded]. At Mike's. Heather, Louise, Rob, Mich, Peter Mc, Jerry and Ralph. We moved to Ralph's, McDonald's [in Dollard].


December 8 Sunday

George Harrison at the Forum [he gave two shows, we saw the afternoon one (that drew 14, 000). Went with] Rob, Mich, Heather, Ralph and Danielle. [Ralph has photos. We brought all the fixing for Tequila Sunrises, and were the only ones yelling "Rock and Roll" during the Indian music set (Ravi Shankar was to be there, but was taken ill and did not appear. Billy Preston did).


On the way back Rob had about 2 inches to see through because of rain].


From the Gazette review by Bill Mann:


"...Harrison's shows were framed in the most impressive and tasteful settings I've seen at the Forum in a long while; the lighting was suberb, the sound unusually crisp for the big arena.


It was unusual in other ways too, it combined rock with soul, and also an interlude for Indian-spiritual tunes.


...But all in all, the Indian set was lacking in punch, much as Harrison's world-weary vocals were all night. Ask anyone who was there at either show Sunday what the highlight of the performance was, and I'll bet the answer will be unanimous - Billy Preston's three numbers, which added a badly - needed energy rush to the proceedings.


...While some burned incense, most still shouted for rock and roll.


...Harrison has always been pretty much ahead of his time, and if he's right this time, then the '70's will be remembered in rock as the age of the Great Nod-Off..."


December 9 Monday

A guy at Abbott was on what he thought was THC. He was like rubber, and he fell over a stair railing without harm.

Andy and Alan