part II 1971-1977


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November 1974


The official policy of the Centennial Center is that the selling of drugs (123) and their use is prohibited by law and is not tolerated within the bounds of this building. If further abuse of this policy is carried on, the lounge will be closed indefinitely


Ad run in Bandersnatch (124) November 1974


November 1 Friday

Went to the Forum with Mich and Gillian. Saw [Rush, Nazareth and] Rory Galliger. [This was the first show I remember booing at (during Rush "Kill the singer!"). The show was overlong, there were seasick teenage girls everywhere, but Galliger was ok. It ended late, already many people had left. The last bus was too full for us to get on so] Mich and I stuck there until 3:25 am.


Gillian stopped someone she knew and caught a ride for herself ("Well, bye..."). We weren't too happy with her about that. Mich and I sat in the entrance to Alexis Nihon, then a guy from Beaconsfield, in a similar fix, got a ride and took us along.


November 2 Saturday

Went to the Edgewater. Mich, Rob, Ralph. Micelle and Jacques (?), Maggie, Heather, Pat etc (?) there.


Gillian liked to smoke roaches, so Fred and Co. sent her a letter filled with them. She liked it, they were amused:


Postmarked November 4, 1974


Dear Gillian


More roaches! We heard how much you enjoyed the last ones. The roaches aren't so good so we sent you a spliff of morrocan hash


Your's sincerely

El Roacho


November 8 Friday

My place in the basement. Rob, Mich, Gillian and Rob Eshobe came over. Smoked. Rob and I watched late movies.


November 9 Saturday

No one home. Rob, Mich [and Maggie] taped. Foster, Fred, Dave E and two others came. Watched the Godfather on TV.





November 15 Friday

Big drunken rant in Ste Anne's. Foster, Michelle, Chuck, Terry and many others. [Terry had the new live Zappa 'Roxy'. I drank too much too quickly and was terribly sick (and spent the evening hanging over the front porch). Foster disappeared without his shoes, he crashed in the backyard.


He caught a ride with me after (yes, I drove). I took a turn up the wrong directioned ramp onto the 2&20 at St Charles. It was corrected in time, Foster never even realized..]




123. Fragment of conversation between Sean Donnelly and I , November 8, 1980:

Sean - Before I knew you, you used to come into the C.C. when the lounge was open, and you used to set up fucking signs that said "Hash for sale".

Alan - No, no, no, no, that's the opposite. We used to set up signs "Hash not for sale", because the high school kids would come in. We had long hair, they'd come straight for us every day. "Sell us hash" "We don't have any, we don't sell hash". You know, so we'd put up a sign above our table "We don't have hash"...


124. The John Abbott newspaper.