part II 1971-1977


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‚ÄčSubmitted a drawing (a man, a hookah, Afghan) to Bandersnatch (the Abbott newspaper). It disappeared.


October 11 Friday

Gillian's. Bought cider. [Margot, Abby, Michelle, Brian and Donna (who was visiting)]. Rob Eshobe and Steve Russel came. [Filmed at Gillian's. We'd heard that Maggie was crashing at the Campsite. We (Gill, Mich, Rob and I ) went up to scare her. On not finding her there we ransacked the place (by this time there was a small shack set up). This action shows the two groups of people were now very far apart, and at least one of them were still children...]


October 12 Saturday

At Dave's in the afternoon, filmed [Mich, Sue, Bennie]. nite- Gillian's. Donna got cider, sunrises. [Cathy Hay and friends of Gill's there too].


October 13 Sunday

Dave's in the afternoon, filmed [Maggie, Mich, Mike and Ralph]. nite- Gillian's. Ralph, Mike there. Cards and hash.


October 16-17 Wednesday-Thursday
































October 18 Friday

My 18th birthday. Filmed at John Abbott. [Foster, Chuck, Jean, Michelle Gay, Rob and Andy. Chuck, Jean and Michelle were people we'd met at John Abbott. Chuck became friends with Foster, Jean and Michelle were good people, Chuck was another matter.


Other new people were Terry Pimm, a Zappa freak, and Jim (who was either part Japanese or Indian) of the pool tables.


Gillian gave me Moroccan beads for my birthday]. She, Rob, Mich, Mike Gribbin, Southern Comfort and I went to the Dollard Drive In, and after to Abbott [why?].


October 19 Saturday

In my basement with Rob and Mish. Drank sunrises and smoked.


October 25 Friday

Went to the Edgewater with Rob, Mish, Ralph and Maggie. Terry, Michelle, Tim and Larry there. [The Edgewater Hotel was on Lakeshore Road, not too far from my place. It was a less seedy alterative to the Mapes, and offered live bands also. Sunrises were the drink of choice...this is Larry's last appearance in the journal].


October 26 Saturday

[Gillian and I went to] Lesley's apt. [We didn't stay long. Lesley had gotten married (and had moved to Winnipeg sometime in 1973). Everyone's reaction to this when first told was "What!". The marriage didn't last long]. After Gillian and I went to the Edgewater (hot).


October 31 Thursday

Monty Python begins airing what would be their last 6 television episodes in England (without John Cleese). They left the air on December 5, 1974...


Ralph and Mike