part II 1971-1977


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One day in December it snowed. People were caught at school, so a party started in the lounge. The ladies at the reception desk didn't like the booze. When one of them tried to take a bottle away, the guy who owned it pulled it away. The lady stated to crawl under a table to get it, to the amusement of everyone. I drove Wade Gaylord and Tracy Price home (I'd known Tracy since Grade 7 and again in Grads 9-11).


December 13 Friday

nite- At Maggie's. Rob, Mich, Bennie, Sue, Louise, Ralph and Heather . Drank liqueurs etc.


December 14 Saturday

Math exam 9 am. nite- at Rob's. Sue, Bennie, Richard, Pete Mc, Jerry, Mike, Ralph, Heather and Mich. Smoked in the backroom.


December 16 Monday

[Filmed Foster shovelling]. Chem exam - the worst.


December 18 Wednesday

Philosophy exam.


December 19 Thursday

Calculus exam [on which I got over 90%]. Rob left with his parents to Columbia for a vacation.


December 20 Friday

At my place in the basement. Pete Mc, Jerry, Gillian, Sue, Richard, Mich, Maggie, Tracy, Mike and Rachelle (plus two unknowns).


December 21 Saturday

The Drop-In Formal. Many people there [even ones we didn't know. I remember Ralph and I saying we'd gotten used to the new Stones album 'It's only Rock and Roll'.


Ernie had already done mescaline that evening. He was sitting across from me when Dave said "Where's my beer?", it had mesc in it. Ernie looked up at the beer in his hand and said "Oh no".


This is the last mention of the Drop-In in my journals...].


December 21-22 Saturday-Sunday



December 26 Thursday

Went downtown with Mich, Gillian and Alex [her boyfriend]. Went to 2020 University, then to Alexis's on Mt Pleasant in Westmount [sat in the livingroom], smoked weed. [they showed me a cigarette case signed by the Red Baron].


December 27 Friday

Andy and Bob Highland stopped by, Bob tried to steal my tequila [goodbye Bob].


December 28 Saturday

Got the chihuahua dog Yucatan [my sister got the other one, Chico. I quickly tired of it and 'gave' it to my mother. It lived until about 1992. I took it to Fred's that first night].


Postcard from Rob postmarked December 29, 1974 from Columbia


Dear Alan,


Columbia's hot as hell but it's strange being here for Christmas. Swimming is great and the weather is beautiful. Now that garbage is out of the way. The beer down here is cheaper than the coke. The smoke is amazing and free from my Columbian friend Augusto. It's strange having to speak Spanish and make myself understood. Take care.


Your Columbian friend, Roberto.


December 31-January 1

New Year's Eve party at my place [the last], many stoned people. We made Ralph sick my spinning him in the green chair (he'd drank wine). I argued with some guy about Toronto (I took the negative side).