part II 1971-1977


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Up to the Manior tonight. I met Brad, John and Bob. I got a little drunk (about $2.50's worth) and then we head up to the drop-in. Not too interesting. I got a girl but John Wilson tells me she's going out with somebody so I leave her alone. How do you figure chicks?


Seven people (me, John Taite, John Wilson, Larry, to name a few) or maybe eight or nine get into a huge wrestling free for-all outside. Completely insane. It started with me and John T., then people start jumping in all over the place. I get home at about 10:30 (clocks are set back 1 hour) so I get on a decently warm jacket and head over for John's. I met Shawn and Sue Bertleson in the hall of John's town house. Ralph shows up a little later.

Not too interesting. IS IT VERY GETTING COLD !!!!


(Andy's) October 28, Sunday

Larry and me and Ralph got up to Dave's, get him and Sue and Alan and go to Westminster Park (actually Dave came a little later). Larry + Ralph against me (football), Sue and Alan (TIED!!). Alan ran a touch-down then crashed out in the end-zone, leaving me and Sue to cope with L. and R. Later we learned that he blacked-out (from running less than 50 yards!) and almost did it again on the road home.


Went to Dave's later on met Louise. Larry ate chez moi.


Out drinking tonight, we needed to get some beer. We (Larry + me) had three beers stashed in the field + we needed some more. Alan (that shit) wouldn't drive drive down to Sam Drucker's (108) to get some beer under-the-table like. We went to 106 (Larry's old apt was 102) to see it they would sell use some. We got 2. Anyway, there were alot of people in the field and we had a good time. Got a little stoned.


October 29 Monday

I was driving with Ralph and Larry in the Lincoln at night. We turned off Blue Haven, then south down St John's. A cop car spotted us, and followed us down to near Ralph's. We broke no laws, still we got stopped. They asked where we were going, then let us go. We had no drugs.


This harassment got to us. Ralph? Andy, Rob and I joined the Juvenile Court Committee. Nothing ever came of it, the police were strangely silent about October 24th. We even spoke in front of a group of parents at Stuart Hall (Larry joined us for that one). We went to a meeting at a school on King street in Pierrefonds (we smoked a joint beforehand). Anyway the harassment did stop, maybe because of our actions, or because we stopped seeing Larry...


November 1973


I hung around with Terry and his brother Scott, also Pete McKinstry, René, Tracy Tate and Rachelle for the first half of the month.


November 2 Friday

Terry, Scott and I went to the Edgar Winter concert at the Forum. The opening act was Electric Light Orchestra. We sat in the ice. Ralph, Andy, Dave and Donna went too but sat elsewhere (Ralph took pictures). Donna got drunk and was sick in Alexis Nihon Plaza, I was with them then. (and now Andy's view...)






















108. Yes, that was the name. It was a small store on a small street between the 2&20 and Lakeshore road in east Pointe Claire...By the way, it was the name of the general store on 'Green Acres'...


Larry, Maggie, Sue, Alan, Ralph and John