part II 1971-1977


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January 24 Wednesday

B(spare)-with Dave and Lesley in the student's lounge. I got 8 joints from Grace Roberts. We smoked one of Dave's at the back. Christine joined us. Art-we're going to paint some of the doors around the school. Lunch- in the student's lounge with Mike, Ralph, Lesley, Dave and Andy. Went out back for a smoke. [went out for a cigarette and a joint. I didn't have any.


According to Alan there was nothing going on tonite and wouldn't let Gillian and me come over. Then he and his sister gave me a crank phone call. As it turns out, Andy went to a friend's house and Dave went downtown to a play and then went drinking [uh-huh] ].


January 25 Thursday Holiday

[Went to Fairview with Dave (he missed his appointment at the clinic [for VD], got another for Monday). Walked around Fairview for awhile and then went to Dave's. Listened to records. Alan called. We caught the 4:30 bus back to Fairview. Then got the 6:05 [bus]. Talked to some guy who just came up and asked Dave what records he had. Got off the bus at St John's and walked home. Alan called and I said it was OK if he wanted to come over here].

Nite-walked to Ralph's with Mike. Dave there, made records echo [since there were two record players we tried putting the same song on each and make the song echo]. At 9:30 Lesley came [about 9:45], got a ride with her at 11:30.


January 26 Friday Holiday

[I was supposed to meet Alan at St John's and Lakeview [but he wasn't there] so I went on to Lesley's. when I got there I found out that Lesley had phoned Alan after I had left to tell him she was going to Harry's (Charlie) [was this a nickname? or Lesley's attempt to disguise or be mysterious about a new group of friends?] in Dorval. They had agreed on the phone and Alan wasn't there yet]. Walked to Lesley's with the movie camera [the tiny fragment of film from this day did not survive the 1976 edit] . Ralph and Christine there [we watched a bit of the Jerry Lewis movie]. At 3:30 we hitchhiked on the 2&20 to Charlie's (Aug 23/72) in Dorval. Watched soap operas. Hitchhiked back [we left at 4:30 without Lesley, but she caught up with us later. Got a ride to St John's. Christine started thumbing for a ride and I walked home]. nite-[I met Mike and Alan at the corner of St John's and Lakeview]. Mike, Ralph and I walked to Lesley's, met Judy on the way. Smoked a joint on the way. We went to Perette's and smoked on the way back. [Lesley brought some candles down and Alan, Mike and me spent the rest of the night making things with wax. I poured it on my cigarette package, Alan on an empty peanut butter jar, and Mike on a wood ice cream spoon]. Walked home at 11.


January 27 Saturday

In the afternoon made "Flash" sign [a 3 or 4 foot long sign with the word 'Flash' drawn in tubular metallic lettering. Many people thought it said 'Hash']. [Went to Dave's in the afternoon...Met Mr Essiambre outside. Went in and Dave got me some ice cream because my throat hurt. Listened to records. Dave wanted me to stay there tonite and watch "Casanova" but I didn't want to and left at 4:30 to catch the bus, but it didn't show up. Went back to Dave's. Dave's mother, aunt and cousin came back from Fairview. We went downstairs and listened to records. Dave showed his records to his cousin. She went upstairs and we came up later. Talked to Dave's aunt. Alan called. We decided to go to my house [tonight]. Dave decided to come too. We left Dave's at 6:30. Stopped at Diane's but she was in the bath. Bought a hamburger at McDonald's with my last certificate. Got to my place. Nicolette had made hamburgers and Dave and I had one]. nite-walked to Ralph's with Mike. Dave there. [did the echo thing again with 2 record players]. Debbie D and Gillian came. Gillian had laryngitis [from her Human Relations weekend]. We watched 'Casanova' (boredom) [afterwards we all went downstairs again. Dave and Gillian were making out in the yellow butterfly chair]. Walked at 11:30. [Andy came to the door after everyone had left. He was tripping. Talked to him awhile].