part II 1971-1977


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January 18 Thursday

B(spare)-Dave wasn't there and Christine went to an apt across the street, so I just walked around. History-didn't feel that well [Wood on nationalism and the Congress of Vienna-said that Alan, Andy and I would have been "radicals"]. Lunch-in the student's lounge with Ralph, Lesley, Ruth and Mike [smoked one of Mike's "j's". Alan back but tired]. Rested on Lesley's leg. Math-asked Miss Hunt if I could leave. I did and walked home and went to sleep. [Dave called three times tonight: 1. to say "Born to Boogie" was on the radio; 2. to tell be about his clap; 3. to ask for Mike's phone number to ask about his acid. Gillian called to ask if I'd come over Friday night].


January 19 Friday

[Lunch-sat in the lounge, went to the shops with Andy and Mike (Dave and Alan away)]. Didn't go to school-flu [but] nite-smoked a joint on the way to meet Ralph and Dave near the train tracks [Dave picked me up and we walked to Alan's], then we went to Mike's [who lived just around the corner from my street, on Belton] and got him [Mike had 3/4 of a blotter and we all (except Alan) did a 1/4. Went to Perrette's to buy cigarettes], then went to Gillian's [Debbie Darcy was there]. Dave, Ralph and Mike were tripping. Sat in the study, talked etc [Alan read fairy-tales out loud. About this time we all started getting off. Gillian's parents went out for awhile and Alan, Debbie and Gillian smoked up]. Went for a walk in the rain [and Alan, Debbie and Gillian smoked another. Mike pushed Debbie into a snowbank. It was raining [and I remember the snow banks were encrusted with a layer of ice]. Came back in and sat upstairs. I called home to ask if I could stay until 11:30. At 11 Gillian and I went to see Debbie out. Stood in Gillian's mother's studio and watched Gillian play guitar. Then everyone came downstairs and we sat in the kitchen while Gillian's parent's went to bed. Alan read record covers. When we were about to leave at 11:30, Debbie came to the door-her father hadn't shown up yet. So she waited inside and we left, walking in the pouring rain]. Left at 11:30, walked. [By the time Dave and I got to my place we were soaked. Dave called his mother to pick him up and we waited in the basement until she came at about 12], [it's a wonder I didn't get very ill].


January 20 Saturday

Nite-at my place in the basement. Ralph came at 7, Gillian at 7:30, then Mike. Smoked some grass, didn't do much. Watched 'Casanova'.




January 21 Sunday

Got picked up by Gillian and we went to Ralph's, sat in his room. Burned things with a magnifying glass. Dave came [Dave brought "Fock-Ink" gin], then Diane. Andy came and left. Ralph's bed broke [it didn't get fixed for about ten years] while Gillian, Dave and I were on the bed posing for a photograph. Ordered pizza [we turned out the lights and put the candle on the record player [turntable]. Played frisbee with a single until it went out the window]. Gillian left at 7:09 (he). Sat round. Left at 9:30. [Ralph took photos].


January 22 Monday

Art-talked about the movie we're going to make [I think this was the splatter movie we made in February]. History-in the aud with Bucanan, Europe 1800's. At the beginning Dave said he was worried of getting a blood test (acid in the blood) [I think this is when he had, or thought he had, VD. Ah, when life was simpler...]. Lunch-student's lounge with Lesley, Ralph, Dave, Ruth, Mike and Andy. Went outside with them minus Lesley, threw coke in the air outside.


Here, January 23, is the last contemporary entry. Since December 1972 many entries had been written one, two or more days after the events, making them more and more sketchy.


All further entries were written after, eg: February 10 written March 4, March 20 written May 2. This continues until March 21.


January 23 Tuesday

Mike, Linda, 3 others and I went to the office to get boxes. History-went to the nurse's office for an eye test. They're ok. Lunch-student's lounge with Lesley, Andy, Dave, Ruth and Mike. Andy left, we went out to the back, went back. Lesley said she was superior (ha). English-I drew a picture of a Wizard. After school my copy of 'Benefit' by Jethro Tull was delivered [in memory of the summer past...].


Gillian and Andy

Gillian, Ralph, Diane and Alan