part II 1971-1977


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January 28 Sunday

Gillian came over about 1:30, filmed Ralph out of the window when he came. Went to the basement after filming abit outside. [Alan's sister came down with her new boyfriend to say hi]. About 5 Dave came (he and Gillian sat on the couch). [Alan went upstairs to eat and then brought down the pizza we had ordered]. Gillian left at 6:30. Ralph, Dave and I walked to André Mallosh's house on Aurora and I got 1 blotter [of LSD]. [I remember this as a beautiful walk in the snow, and the perverse pleasure Dave and I seemed to derive from walking very fast up Aurora hill while Alan huffed and puffed and breathlessly asked us to slow down and wait for him. One of those petty acts of revenge the small minded perpetrate upon those who are perceived to occupy positions of power]. Dave bought one for him and one for Diane. Alan bought one for him and one for Gillian. It was snowing hard at the time]. We went back to my place, [When we got back to Alan's Dave did a half. Alan brought down his transistor radio because CHOM had the Spiritual Hour on [I remember the name, but not what it was] . [it dated from the earliest days of CHOM.. Airing on Sundays at 8pm, it was a forum for spiritual issues]. They left at 9.


January 29 Monday

Lunch-in the student's lounge with Lesley, Ralph, Mike and Andy. Got a nic of good hash from Tilden. [Dave was downtown for VD appointment...after school, while I was watching a Star Trek I hadn't seen before, Dave came over. We went down to the basement. He told me about his adventures in the hospital (Montreal General) [I seem to remember him explaining, in great detail and with great relish, how he underwent a rectal examination]. He had to take 10 penicillin pills and had to come back next Monday. He left at 6:30].


[January 30-February 1 stayed home with the flu]


January 30 Tuesday

Chem-Christine gave me a leather string. Art-McGilton was wearing a green silk shirt and a wooden thing [wooden disks with leather straps between] with spikes. He played a lute. Lunch-student's lounge with Lesley, Mike, Andy and Andy's friend Chris (not Todd). Andy and I had a coke fight.


January 31 Wednesday

B(spare)-student's lounge with Dave and Christine. Ruth came. We (minus Dave) went to Ruth French room (mine too). Christine and I talked outside the rom. Linda came and later we went back to the student's lounge. We went out for a smoke with Andy. Art-Lesley in the class now. Lunch-student's lounge with Lesley, Dave, Ruth, Andy, Chris (not Todd), Christine and Mike. Dave and Andy went to the shops.



February 1973


February 1 Thursday

B(spare)-student's lounge with Dave, Christine and Andy. Went outside for a smoke. Lunch-student's lounge with Lesley, Dave and Mike. Math-Mike [Davison] had a haircut.


February 2 Friday

Chem-Dave and Christine not there, problems which I couldn't do. B(spare)-met Dave and Christine in the student's lounge, talked to the Art teacher. History-Wood away [Andy and Dave didn't come], Ralph and I talked at the back [his sister's divorce, etc]. Lunch-in the student's lounge-Ralph, Dave, Lesley, Mike, Andy and Chris F. [Alan got mad at me for telling Mike we were going to Andy's [tonight].] Lesley and I were on a mountain of snow at the back. English-spare, Pound was taking pictures for the annual. nite- [At about 6pm Mike phoned me to find out where we were going because nobody seemed to know. I called Alan and he said he didn't want Mike to be there tonight, but he didn't feel like arguing [about it]. Called Andy to see if it was OK and then [called Mike and] told him we were going to Andy's (Andy's parents were out-gone to Florida)]. Andy called at 7 and asked me to come over now cause Dave was already there. I came over. The housekeeper was still there and so was Peter [Andrew's older brother].] Mike and I walked to Andy's, his parent's were out [at 7:30]. Dave and Ralph were there. [The maid left at 7:45. Mike had some goodies and I did an eighth. Dave, Andy, Mike and I were all tripping]. Gillian came, smoked up in the basement. [Peter left]. About 9:30 Lesley and Charlie came. [Andy let Mike sleep over in return for more acid. Dave was already sleeping over. Alan went downstairs and fell asleep. Gillian got picked up at 11. At 11:45 I went downstairs to watch "In Concert". Edgar Winter was on for about 10 minutes. Lesley, Charlie and Alan revolved between watching Edgar Winter and watching for Lesley's father. He finally came at 12]. Got a ride at 11:30 with Lesley [which must have been 12]. [After Edgar Winter (he was really good) [a long rendition of "Tobacco Road" as I recall (note)] The Doobie Brs. came on (not bad) and then Jim Croce (no good) and then War (no better than Croce). When it was over-1am-I called to see if I could sleep over. I couldn't and had to leave at 1:30 am. We watched half an hour of "Midnight Special" (Helen Reddy, Curtis Mayfield, Don McLean, The Byrds, Rare Earth etc) and it was horrible. I walked home at about 1:40. Andy came with me to walk Sam [his dog]. It was a beautiful night (no more rain) and I could have walked forever. Watched the end of "Midnight Special" and went to bed at 2:30. Got to sleep around 3:30].




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