part II 1971-1977


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September 10 Sunday

At 11:45 Gillian came over, then Ralph. Worked on the book (The Veronian Chronicles). Danielle came, went to the basement. Lesley and Judy came, went upstairs. Had a water fight, before that phoned people and had it on the speakers in the livingroom. They left at 6.


September 11 Monday

B(spare)- he let us out, went to the shops and took the T-Rex film in, went with Dave and Andy. Bought donuts and ate them outside Steinberg's. Lunch-sat under the trees at the Civic Center with Diane, Lesley, Dave, Ralph and Andy. Threw dirt at each other. Math- work, Andy and I pretended "I want a divorce" etc. After school Dave, Danielle and Ralph got on the bus and came home with me. Sat in the basement. About 5 we phoned Chris, Danielle got mad because we teased her. They left at 6.


September 12 Tuesday

Chem S-had a Swiss lady [Miss Fower] to explain the lab equipment and rules ["when you get splashed with acid", not if...]. History-in the aud for large group instruction in assigned seats, I have row 4, seat 17. Started the Industrial Revolution (boredom!). Lunch-Ralph, Dave and I went to the shops, got donuts in Vienna, sat on the hill behind the shops. After school about 5 I walked to the shops and got the T-Rex pictures. nite-about 8 met Gillian at Kingsman Park and talked, brought a candle and put it on a swing. Left about 8:50.


September 13 Wednesday

B(spare)-Dave, Christine, Andy, Richard and I went to the Civic Center and sat outside the pool building. Talked. Lunch-Ralph, Dave and I went to the Civic Center and sat under the trees, Andy came, sat in a circle, talked, Andy left. After school Andy and Ralph got the bus and came to my place, sat in the basement. Talked about each other [Andy said at first he thought I was gay, but not now...smh] etc. They left at 5:40.


September 14 Thursday

B(spare)-Dave, Andy and I went to the shops, borrowed 20ยข from Brenda there, called Andy a greaser. Lunch-Dave, Ralph and I went to the Civic Center under the trees, Richard came, then Diane, then Andy. Diane had dropped 2 Mandrix. Andy left, then Richard. Went in and sat in the student's lounge on the green carpet. Maggie, Heather (Aug 23) and some girl came. After school Andy and Ralph got the bus and came over, talked. They talked about grades 5+6, and we talked about going to Europe after Grade 11 in 1973 [?]. nite- Chris phoned, we talked about the T-Rex show, the book, his classes........


September 15 Friday

B(spare)-Christine, Dave and I went to the shops, went in the book and pet stores. Lunch-Ralph, Dave and I went to the Civic Center under the trees. Diane came, staggering as usual. Didn't do much. nite-Judy came over, then Gillian, then Ralph. He brought a square candle he'd made. He and Gillian were fooling around on the couch all night. I turned the small lite on and off. About 10 Andy came and Gillian left. Andy left at 10:30, the rest at 11.


September 16 Saturday

Went to Fairview, met Judy on the bus, met Ralph under the clock at 11. Tried to find jeans but couldn't. Got the 12 pm bus and went to my place, sat in the basement, then upstairs (parents left). Gillian and Dave came, he rode to Diane's and got some acid. Gillian, Ralph and I dropped some (1/4). Dave dropped 1 Mandrix. Watched 'Bugs Bunny', then 'Ghost Story' [we were very stoned by this time. I remember the story was about a television that wouldn't stop working. Gillian about this time had us drinking orange juice to keep us from getting too stoned. From this party comes the famous "The Walls are Love' story: Gillian said this while looking at the wallpaper in the livingroom "the walls are love, this house is love". It may have been this night also that the kitchen floor tiles were of great interest]. Judy left, watched 'Briget loves Bernie' [with the dancing 'Lora Secourt' commercial]. Andy came, he dropped mesc. Lesley, Sandi and a girl Cathy came. Lesley and Sandi had dropped. Danielle came, we were all over the house (weeeeee). Bob and Lanore came, a light was broken downstairs. They left at 11:30 (I've dropped 5 times: Oct18/71, Dec 21/71, Jan 21/72, April 21/72, Sept 16/72).