part II 1971-1977


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September 7 Thursday

Got the bus, went outside with Dave and Christine for a smoke. B(spare)-went to the shops with Dave, Janet and Christine. Got film and flashes for tomorrow, and folders for school. Met Diane at the shops. History-in the aud for about 15 minutes, got divided into classes. Ralph, Andy, Diane, Dave and I got Mr. Wood in rm 212. Went there and he told us about the course. Lunch-Dave, Ralph, Diane, Andy and I went to the Civic Center under the trees. Met Don and he sat with us. Dave and Diane got blotter acid from Don. Andy left. On the way in met Chris in the parking lot, he said he had Lang this year. English-Janet's in my class. Diane knocked on the door and said to Pound "Fuck you, Honey..." [because he had held up her test in class for everyone to see]. After Ralph, Danielle, Andy and Dave got my bus and we went to my place. Talked in the basement about a lot of things. Andy left at 5, the rest at 6. nite- Marc Bolan was on CHOM [interviewed by Doug Pringle] (68), taped bits of it.


September 8 Friday

B(spare)-Dave, Diane, Christine, Danielle, Richard, some girl and I went to the shops. Got batteries for tonite. Sat outside Steinberg's. Lunch- Dave, Ralph, Lesley and I went to the Civic Center and sat outside the rink. Had an umbrella. After school got the Fairview bus, Ralph and Danielle got on too, but had to get off because they forgot their tickets [which I as a joke had asked if they'd remembered]. I waited for them on the balcony at Simpson's, they came and we walked to McDonald's. Met Dave, Sue and a guy Tony, ate there. Then we walked down the grass median to the Pierrefonds Arena, got there about 6 and waited an hour. They opened the doors and we got right up by the stage. At 8 The Doobie Brs. played [a band we'd never heard of, though I did recognize 'Jesus is just alright with me'. They were very good]. Got good pictures [the first of Sue Essiambre]. Then about 9:30 (?) T-Rex came on (69). Gillian found us. It was crowded, we had to stand. It ended at 10:45. Got a ride to Fairview in the back of a truck, walked the rest.


September 9 Saturday

Diane came over, she said she'd dropped. Danielle came, then Ralph. Not much happened, watched 'Bugs Bunny', they left at 6. At 6:30 Gillian, Lesley and a guy Daniel came over, then Judy, Sandi and a girl Mary, then Ralph and Danielle. Played Hide and Seek in the dark. Andy came at 9:30. At 10 we discussed a book about a Wizard we will write [but never did]. Lesley left at 10 with Danel, the rest at 11.




68. Doug Pringle was CHOM's top DJ at this time (and also their first. He had started when the station was CKGM-FM, with a four hour show from 11 pm to 3 am. Three months later the station switched to 24 hour a day rock music), and one of T-Rex's biggest fans. Legend has it he later went to England to work with them...In 1994 he was to be seen on TV pugging NCN, the all New Country video network, saying that New Country was the music of the '90's.


From "25 Years of Rock & Roll with Chom 97.7 fm" (1994):


...One of CHOM's most recognizable and enduring on-air IDs, the pleasant little ditty that sounds like someone singing "CHOM, CHOM...CHOM, CHOM" has an interesting story attached to it. One night Pringle had gone to see a James Coburn movie called Duck, You Sucker! at the old Greene Avenue Theatre. The lead actor's on-screen name was Sean. "I was sitting there and this music comes on - it was by Ennio Morricone I think - and all of a sudden I'm hearing, 'CHOM, CHOM...CHOM,CHOM.' Actually they were singing,'Sean, Sean...Sean,Sean' but it was a bunch of Italians with accents that made it sound like CHOM. My mind was exploding and I was seeing this whole thing. I couldn't wait to get out of the theatre to buy the soundtrack album. I knew that if you took that short phrase out of context nobody would hear 'Sean', they'd hear 'CHOM'. I was also thinking of the concept of making 'CHOM three-dimensional by adding sound effects like doors opening and birds twittering. I was all right there"...


A longer history of CHOM at this period can be found here.


69. "The opening night's performance took place over the Canadian border in Montreal, where Marc openly revealed his impatience by telling the audience, 'I feel that we're working damn hard up here and not getting much response.' Backstage he confided in a reporter after the show, 'We're not hoping to achieve anything from this tour...Basically we came here because we want to work...We want to get in shape for our Christmas gig in England' (New Music Express)"


-from "The Marc Bolan Story" by Mark Paytress 1992