From the Gazette review by Juan Rodriguez:

"The Rod Stewart and Faces show at the Forum on Friday night demonstrated that there is at least one superstar group able to convey genuine feeling for - and enjoyment on playing - rock 'n' roll. They move, raggedy-limbed, the way their music told then to move.

Their natural reactions provided relief from what is becoming the norm in rock shows: the posturing stars who choreograph themselves to an image, the band that turns up the amps and methodically pounds one into oblivion, or the tremulous harmony singers so intent on cleanliness and "perfection" that they seem at distance from reality...

Lead guitarist Ron Wood had returned to the Faces from his stint on the recent Rolling Stones tour of America, and he was in an obviously mellow mood (Faces music don't have to live up to the Demon)..."

October 26 Sunday
After training the rat [Rob and I had to train a rat in a 'Skinner Box' for Psych class] I met Bob and Janet [outside Laird Hall]. They told me that Janet was going to have a baby, and Bob was the father.

October 29 Wednesday
The rat learned to push the bar. Harray!

November 1975

November 7 Friday
A 90 minute recording done in my basement with Ralph, Mike, Rob and Michelle. This is the longest recording of this era and one of the longest to date. It is also the last of these people together....

Excerpts from this recording:
(audio sample)

Mish- ..."Rock and Roll!" from across the lake...and we got blamed for that you know.
Alan- For what?
Mish- For these guys on the other side of the lake at Marcey...
Ralph- We don't know if we got blamed for that. Nobody accused anybody of yelling Rock and Roll
across the lake.
Mish- No, but they heard a lot of noise...
Ralph- Yeah, and we..and they described the four guys and the one girl, and like you know, we were
making a lot of noise, especially the other night. Those guys yelling Rock and Roll only kept it up till about 10 o'clock, we were up till about 12...
Mike- We yelled Rock and Roll too...
Ralph- Yeah...
Mish- We were screaming when Mike came up to us and grabbed our legs...
Alan- Where was this?
Ralph- Marcey.
Alan- Oh yeah.
Mike- When I came up and grabbed your legs?
Mish- What did you have? The flashlight in your mouth?
Mike- Oh yeah.

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