part II 1971-1977


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January 1976

 January 4 Sunday

The Mapes


January 6 Tuesday

The Mapes, Andy there [we'd stop in after classes].


January 8 Thursday

The Mapes. Maggie, Denis , Andy and beer.


January 16 Thursday

While listening to a late night radio show (WNBC 66AM) I became interested in Star Trek again. [Star Trek began to revive as early as 1972, and at that time we would watch it as often as possible. In 1976 though, talk began speculate that maybe the show would return to television, or even a movie (though I saw Harvard Elison and Walter Koeing on 'Tomorrow' and they were being less than complimentary towards the show...) ].


January 17 Friday

Louise, Mike and I went to the Auto Show at Place Boniventure. Bought a Star Trek book. Later we met Ralph, we all went to see 'Barry Lyndon'. [after the film I thought it was boring but beautiful, Ralph that it was Kubrick's best. The guy in front of us agreed with me]. Saw Maggie, Guy, Heather and her beau [and talked to them awhile].





January 19 Monday

Made a tape in the lounge at Abbott [which is now lost] and downstairs [which survives. Ralph, Andy (upstairs), Mike, Bob (and guitar), Richard and Gilles]. nite- saw 'The Story of O' with Sue and Max.


January 22 Thursday

Taped Bob and Richard at Bob's (in his room)

Playing Bob's (and a friend's) songs on guitar. Though they were not playing at all at their best, this recording captures the feeling of those times. (It is the first stereo recording I'd done with microphones since 1972 (on Don's machine), the others had been done using headphones as mics . In the middle we went to the Mapes and scored Thi weed.


January 31 Saturday

Went to a large party at Steve Waters in Baie d'Urfé. [Rob, Mich, Ralph?, Mike? went. Steve had removed all the breakables, but people still managed to pull the stair railing out of the wall, and spill beer all over the kitchen.


January 1976 was the last time I ever did mescaline...]


The Mapes. The people your parents warned you about

Richard, Bob, Ralph, Mike and Gilles (looking at the Starfleet Technical Manual)