part II 1971-1977


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October 12 Tuesday

While lending Rea my guitar (in theatre arts) met Laine [I'm not sure but I think Rea eventually kept the guitar]. Lunch- wrote on Lesley's locker "Leslie Astle is madly in love with Don D".


October 13 Wednesday

Got a Minolta super 8 movie camera from my parents for my birthday. ("it is far out") (20).


October 14 Thursday

Gym(spare)- went to the shops, met Don there in Steinberg's working (21). Lunch- they played the Mothers of Invention in the caf. Later about 6 went to the shops to meet Don. We (he took 6 records from Steinberg's) went to Lesley's. We took the bus (Lesley, Don and I) to Fairview, looked at hookahs. Lesley was a robot. Went to the restaurant at Simpson's. Got one Export A 20. Went to the picture machine, took 8 (I've got 2) [the first taken in a machine to make it into the photo album, also the first of Lesley and Don]. Walked home, Lesley was mad at Don all the way. Fog!


October 15 Friday

Gym(spare)- got let out of Math early so Paul [Racine] and I went to near the church near the school and then we met Ken on the football field. Went to the shops, saw Don. Before History got our annuals. Lunch- Christine and her boyfriend heard the tape of Sheila, Liz and me (Oct 16/70). nite- met Don at Steinberg's, went to his place for a few minutes [a visit I did not enjoy, Don's home life not being the best]. Then we went to Lesley's, made first half of the first movie in her basement (Don, Lesley, Judy, Sandi, Lanore). They gave me a birthday cake, Mike gave me a "Power" poster [a clenched fist, in day-glo pink against a green ground...].































October 16 Saturday

Went to Lesley's in the afternoon. Don, Judy and Mike were there. Finished film #1 [The pipe toking shot is faked, there were no drugs in the pipe (the first confirmed shot of drug smoking in the films is October 21, 1972). The last shot is of Judy, Mike, Lesley and Don walking towards the camera chanting "One, two, three, four. We..are..alittle bit..crazy". Don just couldn't get the step right]. Went to Perette's (near the D.Q.), then went back to Lesley's. "Buns, buns, buns!" started. Watched 'Bugs Bunny' (22) in the kitchen. Mike came home with me from 6 to 7, then we went to the Mapes. Met Judy, Don and Lesley there. I bought $5 of hash, we toked near Rea's. We went to my place, Sue's 21th birthday party was happening [a polaroid of us survives. The first picture of Judy and the first and only of Mike]. Lesley was out on acid [her first time]. We went back to the Mapes, I went home after for the rest of the party.


[A running joke that is not recorded is the 'Spastic Act', one walked in a forward gate (almost falling over), arms flailing, face contorted...completely tasteless but funny to mid-teenagers. I believe I first saw Lesley do it the night we met...]


October 17 Sunday

Don, Judy, Lesley and Mike came over in the afternoon, sat in the reckroom, then we took the record player out on the patio and played it there [one song by Grand Funk Railroad began with an air raid siren, and a middle aged couple walking up the path beside my house looked around...]. nite- Paul drove me to Lesley's then he drove us (Lesley, Don and I) to the Mapes. Met Sandi, Lanore and Jay. Don was swinging on a clothesline at the Mapes which he had tied from to tree to tree and it broke. We were trying to get rid of Lanore. Don, Lesley, Jay, Sandi and I went to the apartments near Perette's near the D.Q. and I got 1/4 tab of acid . We sat in the park near Perette's. Went to Lesley's then home.




20. "The Movies". They loom large in this journal, and were a great source of amusement to us. Each one was about 50 feet (roughly 3 minutes), and until 1976 they were kept separate. Then in that year they were edited onto reels of 200 feet, with some footage removed (and later lost) and cartoons (bought at Fairview) added. The cartoons were removed in June 1994, when the movies were finally transferred to video, running about 53 minutes. Ralph and Andy saw the version with music added on August 11, 1994, and Ralph found it a depressing experience, wondering what every happened to all the faces...


The last movie was made between November 10-17, 1976...


21. Don worked at Steinberg's as a bagboy. Another bagboy there was injured around this time when he was caught between two cars as he was loading groceries into one of them.


22. The great Warner Brs. cartoons of the '40's, '50's and early '60's (the last great one dating from 1963) had entertained my generation since the early '60's, when the first collections appeared on television. By the time recorded above, the local CBC station, channel 6, aired B.B. at 5 p.m.

Alan, Judy, Don, Lesley and Mike