part II 1971-1977


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July 2 Friday

Got the album 'Sticky Fingers' by The Rolling Stones [with the near perfect song 'Sway'].


July 3 Saturday

At the side of the house with Tilden [Foster, my next door neighbour], Banks, [Ken?] Saliman [who lived across the street] and Gatenbey [there were two Gatenbee brothers , Andy and Michael, Michael was ugly. I'd know then since grade school...Jim Morrison died in Paris, I remember seeing it on the evening news].


July 5 Monday

Warren Wilansky is born. Was this a good thing?


July 6 Tuesday

Started summer school at Lindsey Place High [for French that I did not pass]. Tina in the class. Met Robert Rea outside the door. [though having to take school was drag, it was because of it that I met Lesley in September...].


July 12 Monday

Went to the Dairy Queen after school, Tilden there, and a guy with a small motor bike. Went to the shops, bought one Export "A" 25, then to the tunnels with Robert Rea [the tunnels were build under the highway 2&20 so you could cross it in safety. It was covered in graffiti. Every time they repainted it, it was covered again. I wish someone had done an archeological study of the layers, but they were torn down and replaced with new ones c. 1990], met Haden there. We went back to the shops with Haden.


July 14 Wednesday (7)

After class sat in the reckroom and listened to music [on the only progressive rock station in Montreal CKGM-FM, later to become CHOM (named from the mantra 'OM'). They (actually Doug Pringle, see September 7, 1972) went on the air October 28, 1969 and I'd heard of them in 1970 . I would record music too, songs by Mountain, Spirit, The Faces, Jethro Tull and Deep Purple, among other...]


July 15 Thursday

After class told jokes with Brenda Gates and a friend.


July 17 Saturday

Saw the movie 'The Statue' at Fairview.


July 19 Monday

After class told jokes with Brenda, her friend and Robert Rea. After listen to the stereo in the reckroom, tried to tape 'Aqualung' [Jethro Tull, here making their first appearance in the journals].


July 21 Wednesday

After class sat outside and 1&1/2 hours with Rea, a girl Cyndy, Brenda, Tilden and [Dugald] MacFerson [a friend of Foster, who I known since about 1965. He would reappear in 1974]. Later in the afternoon Robert Read and Gatenby came to the door.


July 22 Thursday

After class sat again with the same group as yesterday.


July 23 Friday

After class sat with Cindy Sharpe and a blond friend.




7. This was the birthday of Cornelis Vanderdonk, who I was seeing at the when this history was first composed in a computer version in 1993. Cory is a whole other story...