part II 1971-1977


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May 6 Sunday

Bob's. Nancy, Percey, Donna, Ralph. Read Playboys.


May 7 Monday

Chem-did some electroplating, Christine tried her ring. Lunch-out at the side, with etc [!]. Duked French, Donna had a camera, Linda [got thrown] in the fountain.


May 8 Tuesday

Art-duked it. Linda (Christine had a camera). Lunch + French-duked. Dave, Linda, Donna, Christine, Mike, Ralph. Out at the side, C.C.. Met Chris going in. English-Pound talked about a 1500 year old civilization before the Egyptians.


May 9 Wednesday

Felt sick, didn't go in till C block, drove there.


May 10 Thursday



May 11 Friday

Dollard Drive-In with Donna, Percey, Bob. 'Country Music' and 'Winning'.


May 12 Saturday

My place (parents out). Hide and Seek [in the dark].


May 17 Thursday

[Art-began the 'Last Supper-Christ What a Toke! drawing-May 17, 22-25]. nite-at Donna's. Stayed in the car last hour with Linda [we talked, she did try to seduce me, but that's all. Of course everyone at Donna's had a different idea].


May 18 Friday

At Donna's-Nancy, Bob-smoked up. Took soap (free samples) [from other apartment's doors. Irish Spring...]. Percey came. nite-Donna's. Linda, Ralph, Dave, Bob and I went to Belmont Park, it closed at 8:30 because of rain.


May 19 Saturday

My place (parents out). Hide and Seek. Donna, Dave, Ralph and Mike. [around this time Mike brought over the Pink Floyd album 'Meddle' . It contained the song 'Echos', drug song par excellence of this era].


May 20 Sunday

Same as above with Bob. Finished the movie from Jan-Feb (blood). We went out about 8 and got grass.


May 21 Monday



May 22 Tuesday

Art-Donna in the class. Started to draw people in my copy of 'The Last Supper'. Lunch-out at the back with Donna, Mike and Bob. In the student's lounge. Lesley still bitchy [it was around this time that Lesley attempted suicide (rather publicly and not totally seriously by cutting her wrists at Donna's apartment). At the time no one had too much sympathy for her, but I think it was because of her home life and that she and Mark had ended. We were all a bit fucked up in our own ways then].