part II 1971-1977


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May 23 Wednesday

Got mesc from Tilden on the bus in the morning. B(spare)-at the C.C. with Donna, Linda, Dave, Ralph, Bob, Maggie and Christine. Art-Ralph came in, drew people in the Last Supper. History-didn't go, sat near the fountain with Linda and Bob. Went in near the end. Lunch-out again at the C.C. with Donna, Dave (some people), Ralph, Mike, Andy, Dave Jones and Pete [Dave Jones and Pete Shoeler. Dave had dark hair, Pete was blond. Both played guitar. The girls thought they were cute and compared to the rest of us they were. They were friends of Donna's (see Donna's letter, September 24, 1973)]. Talked. Met Chris going in. Math-Andy and I got thrown out, went to the library. Chris there, so was Dave's sister [Sue].


May 24 Thursday

B(spare)-Christine and I at the C.C., Donna came, then Linda and Maggie. They left (Donna), Dave Jones came with 2 others. Threw a ball around. Lunch-Christine, Donna and I sat at the side. French-same as Lunch. At 1 we went and joined Ralph, Andy, Mark, Lesley (the screwed one) and others at the C.C. English-Howard [Wiener] and I climbed out the windows.


May 25 Friday

B(spare)-in Gym 2, timetables for next year. Got everything except Math + French. Art-about 6 people, finished Last Supper. History-with Bob at the C.C. at the side by the door. Same in E block except Christine, Tom and others there. Can't remember French except I didn't go. English-left class, sat in the student's lounge with Donna and another girl, we played cards. nite-Mike and I snorted the mesc and walked to Donna's. Watched TV all night [including a Gene Roddenbury pilot 'Genesis II' where all the women had two navels]. Got stoned from the mesc. We left at 11, walked [thought it may not have been this night, one night walking back from Donna's I picked a lilac flower which is now in the J.R. annual from 1973].


May 26 Saturday

My place. Donna, Gillian, Ralph, Judy, Christine [and Bob]. Played cards in the livingroom, not much else [except for a brief audio recording, and later we listened to Monty Python on the radio - audio sample]. nite-Judy, Bob, Gillian, Donna and I drove to Belmont Park, met Ralph, Danielle, Dave and Mike there. Came back to my place at 11, Dave, Donna, Bob and Mike stayed for a late western movie.





May 27 Sunday

Gillian came over, then Ralph, Andy, Christine. We washed the car, and smoked grass. Put Murine in Andy's eyes [in hysterics doing it]. nite-nothing.


May 28 Monday

Lunch-don't remember too well, with Ralph, Lesley, Mark, Tom and others. F block too. English-watched Niven, Honeyman and Curren play cards. nite-I went to Gillian's, watched TV and played cards. It poured.


[As the last complete entry for many months, I think it should be included in full].


May 29 Tuesday 4:17 pm May 30 1973

Cloud-rain, -later, sun clouds. Chem-sheets. Art-Andy, Mike and I smoked a joint outside at the back-talked to Dave Jones, Bob, Donna. History-did old test. Lunch-Bob, Christine and I went to Donna's-Dave E,+ guy + girl there.-Mike came and we told him to fuck off [over the intercom]. Andy + Ralph came [and when they found out what we had done to Mike they left pissed off (and rightly so). I think what I didn't like about Mike then was that he said what he thought, something I wouldn't be able to do for a few more years]. We smoked-Dave Jones came about 3:30-walked home about 5:30.