part II 1971-1977


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March 7 Wednesday

B(spare)-Christine, Donna and I in the student's lounge. Christine and I went to the kitchen [?], we went out at the side. Lunch-Ralph, Sue, Mike, Andy and Donna outside at the side.


Wednesday, 7 March

...After school I rode my bike (1st time this year) to Dave's. He'd just bought "Billion Dollar Baby" by Alice Cooper and "Don't Shoot Me" by Elton John. Donna was there but left at 4:20....Sue and Pat (89) came down [into the basement] at around 5. Pat was flirting with Dave and vice versa...


March 8 Thursday

Had the [still] camera at school [first photos of Donna, Mike F., Dave Webb and Ruth]. B(spare)-student's lounge with Donna, Christine and Andy. Lunch-Donna, Mike, Lesley, Ralph, Ruth outside. Chris came up for asec. nite-drove from 5-7 downtown.


Thursday, 8 March

...Lunch- [marginal note: "Alan had his camera"] Lesley and Alan got into a fight about letting me come to wherever they're going on Friday (embarrassing and sickening). Went out for a cigarette Came in, Christine hit me with her coat [?]...


[After school] went ... (90) with Andy to help roll joints....


March 9 Friday

[...before going to our "A" block classes Andy and I smoked the joint Ron gave us yesterday [our "pay" for rolling joints for him- he didn't know how]. We went to the side door by the shop classes. There were two other people smoking up there......]. Had the camera with me again [first photos of Foster, and only ones of André and Rod Smith]. Chem-Christine and I went to the library to work in A block. B(spare)- Donna, Christine and Andy. Lunch-Ralph, Andy, Donna in the student's lounge in the corner. nite- [We had planned to go to Dave's tonight...but Dave called me to say that he was going baby-sitting. I tried to call Alan but he'd already left....[When he got here] I called Lesley to see if she was doing anything and she told us to meet her on St John's and the 2 & 20 [mysterious]. We got there expecting a ride from Lesley's father [to where?]. Waited there for half an hour until Lesley came on foot to say we were supposed to meet on the 2 & 20 and that we were thumbing [where?]]. Lesley, Ralph and I hitchhiked to Beaconsfield. [Got a ride at Cartier to St Charles]. We walked from St. Charles to Pete's house and Rob wasn't there. [We walked to Pete's house [?] where we were supposed to meet Pete and Rob [?] but they weren't home]. We headed back and met Rob on the 2&20. [Walked back to 2 & 20 and started thumbing again [to where?] when Rob came walking]. Hitchhiked home, I think [written March 20]. [Lesley and Rob started making out and Alan and I walked on until we saw Lesley coming and then saw Rob being picked up. We got a ride later to St John's and we went to Alan's...We smoked up. Got picked up at 11]. [What a bizarre night. And so much taken on unquestioning faith. I seem to have had no idea what was going on or where we were going or who these people were that we were supposed to be meeting. But when Lesley says jump...]




89. Ralph's note: I was rather jealous, having already developed something of a crush on Pat. I was repeatedly devastated over the next few years by Pat's various relationships. Her brief infatuation with Bob Dylan- Danny Hinves took her to the "Before the Flood" concert with Dylan and the Band in the summer (?) of '74- led to my own obsession with Dylan and sparked my own efforts at songwriting and poetry. Dylan's "I Want You" became my private theme song for my unrequited love. I do recall making out with Pat one night, semi-clothed, in the pool at Southwest One, but things never developed from that one occasion. I also remember being devastated upon learning, some years later, that Andrew had slept with Pat in late '74--early '75 .


90. Ralph's note: Ron lived on my street. I knew him mostly because his family was Dutch and his parents were friends with my parents. He was a bit of an oddball. He didn't smoke dope but had bought an ounce in expectation of a quick profit. The last I heard- late seventies/early eighties- he was selling vacuum cleaners in Winnipeg.



Lesley, Donna, Ruth, Mike and Ralph