part II 1971-1977


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September 28 Thursday

In the Great Hall I discovered there was a swashed moth between the my foot and my sandals [JC Waterwalkers, actually I think they were called Water Buffaloes]. S(spare)-Andy, Dave and I went to the shops, got donuts, went back. Gillian was there at school, went to the C.C. and smoked up. History-we were acting weird at the back (navals etc) [the reference is lost. Ralph thinks he was talking about British navel power]. Lunch-Gill, Lesley, Dave, Ralph, Andy and I sat under the trees at the C.C. Janet, Harry and two girls came, threw paper airplanes. French-went to 411 and watched the hockey game on TV [the last of the series, in which Canada won after breaking a 5-5 tie]. Math-same as French only in the Math room. English-same as Math only in the English room. Gillian, Lesley, Sandi and Dave were in the room too. After Gill and Ralph got my bus, Ralph called Chris from the bus and asked him to come down too, he said no...watched 'Star Trek', Gill and Ralph had a water fight. Gill left at 5:30, Ralph at 6.


September 29 Friday

Diane acted weird at her looker, looking for a note and crumbling under the weight of her books. B(spare)-went to the shops with Andy, Dave and Richard, got donuts and dropped something in the store [that is not a drug reference]. Back in school made Sue pray to me to get the T-Rex pictures. Lunch-went to the C.C. with Lesley, Diane, Dave, Ralph, a girl and Linda [Kahlenberg probably, who was in my art class]. Sat in seats and watched people skate. French-Ralph and I were throwing a pen at each other. nite-walked to Gillian's in the rain. Ralph, Dave, Andy and Danielle came, then Lesley and Sandi. Abby and a girl there. Lesley and I went to Gill's bedroom and I got in the top bunk and we made weird noises [in an attempt to lure Gillian in to scare her], then we looked ourselves in the can. Wore Abby hooded cape, had a seance in the kitchen. Left at 11:45, got a drive with Judy [where did she come from?].


September 30 Saturday

About 1:20 Ralph came over, then Abby and Margot. Put Margot in the shower twice. Dave came. About 5:30 bought some hash from [Foster] Tilden, smoked from the hookah. Abby and Margot left, Andy came. Made splifs. About 8:10 Gillian and Lesley came, Lesley left about 5 minutes later. Danielle came, she was made because we insulted Gillian. They left about 11:30.



October 1972


October 1 Sunday

At 12:45 Ralph came over, then Judy, then Margot and Abby. She brought the cape. Dave came, we put Margot in the shower, played Hide and Seek. Abby, Margot and Judy left about 5:30, watched 'Jason King' on TV. At 7 my parents returned and we left and walked to Gillian's. Abby, Margot and Danielle were there, Andy came. Went to the study and watched 'Love Story' on TV [the guys laughed while the girls tried to cry]. Left at 11, got a ride with Ralph.


October 2 Monday

At 1 got to Fairview, met Ralph at 1:10, at 2 got the bus to Beaconsfield High School (73). Met Gillian, Lesley and Sandi there. Left Lesley and Sandi and went around the school, got Gill's bus back to Gill's. Sat in the livingroom until 5:20 then walked home with Ralph.


October 3 Tuesday

Lunch-sat under the trees with Lesley, Dave, Ralph, Andy, Ruth [Harwood] and Linda. Dave burnt a slug. French-everyone seemed asleep. Math-drew strange pictures on Andy's alot today.




73. Ralph's note: At BHS a girl came up and asked me if I used to know a girl named Heather Robertson (I'd had a crush on her in Grade 6). Was told Heather would like to meet me. I played it cool - actually I was terribly shy - and didn't go with her. Had a glimpse of 2 giggling girls around a corner.