part II 1971-1977


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April 1971


April 1

thoroughly rejected, mostly by the girls in Science class [a group of us sat together at one of the long tables. Claimed to have gotten stoned smoking after school. This was a lousy time. The girls, Tina and Linda seemed to have been trying since at least February to get me out, and at last they launched an all out attack with a very nasty note. At this time I'm sure I dressed and acted too faggy for them].


April 2

dance at J.R. with bands Cheek and Alison Grose.


April 5

was switched to 2D [for some reason, I was moved in my classes to another section...]


April 9

got a tasselled suede coat [I would have people sign the tassels] Sheila visited, went to Haden's house. Someone threw water in the front door [of our house. I found out later Rob Fenouhlet was involved].


April 10

went to the shops then the library with Sheila and Liz. nite-went to Haden's house with Sheila, brought records. Talked about Laine at the end of the Circle.


April 11

went to Perette's, the village etc with Sheila and Liz. Sat on Sheila's front porch. nite-went to Haden's house, Sheila wore my American flag shirt [which was later stolen in Science class by Lynda R and the Girls from Hell on May 5th].


April 12

went to the park with Sheila and Liz, then to the village and then here in the reckroom. nite-Haden mad at her mother. Walked around then I gave Sheila a tassel from my coat.


April 22

Cheryl McGill was matching me up with her friend Laurie.


April 26

Lunch- went to the shops with Cathy Kerr and Cheryl.


Letter from Sheila written April 26, 1971 from Pickering, Ontario


Bon Soir Chérie,


Comment ça và? Je vais bien, ou je pense que je vais bien! Pourquoi tu n'as ecrit pas? J'ai ecrit a toi! Si tu ne comprends ces lignes français, demande à Lizabeth du tranduiser les lignes. I suppose I better tell you what I said in the last line: If you don't understand the lines in French ask Liz to translate for you. Well, I guess better write in English again, don't you think French sounds nicer though. So pretty and sexy! But then so am I! No conceit in my family. Did you get my last letter? If you didn't I forgive you for not writing, however if you got it, I suggest you answer it please!!! If the fuckin' post office lost it I'm going to sue, because two of my better drawings were in it. What have you been doing with yourself? Have you been invaded lately? If so did Lin like Miami with all those awful fishes? Tomorrow 'Reception '71' stars.that's a group of open seminars, like here's my schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday:


1) 9:00-9:20- homeroom

2) 9:40-11:00- Yardley of London (make-up)

3) 11:00-12:10- Lunch (chomp, chomp! Urp!)

4) 12:10-1:50- 'Poppy' (W.C. Fields movie)

5) 1:50-3:25- Gampling; Trampoline Champs


1) 9:00-9:20- homeroom

2) 9:40-11:00- S.E.E.D. (free school discussion)

3) 11:00-12:10- Lunch (excuse me)

4) 12:10-1:50- 'The Black Cat' (Boris Karloff movie)

5) 1:50-3:25- 'Easy Rider' (you know what that is)


Isn't that going to be nice? Tomorrow they're showing the movie "Goin' Down the Road". I can't go to that because it is about two guys from Nova Scotia and I'd probably throw up!!! Some chicks who know my dreadful secret suggested I do a talk on witchcraft [at this point Sheila thought she was a witch]... I don't know what they're trying to do...get me arrested maybe? Burnt at the stake? Is Liz still having a hassle with her mother? Tell her to write to me because if I write to her my mommy and I are certain that Mrs Haden won't let Liz have the letter. If her mom won't let her write to me, get her to write in school, give you the letter, and mail it up to me with yours. I miss you both so very, very, very much! I can't think of anything else! Toronto is so boring and tiresome. Good-night, lambchop, sweet dreams. I love you.


Lots of Love,






P.S. Phone me on Sunday night please! please!

P.P. S. Write me soon, soon, soon.

P.P.P.S. I'm still not talking to Werner.

P.P.P.P.S. How do you like my drawings?

P.P.P.P.P.S. Do you like the way I do my posters in my study?

P.P.P.P.P.P S. That's enough P.S's


Love, Sheila