part II 1971-1977


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September 1972


September 1 Friday (66)

Ralph came down at 12:20, sat in the basement, then Danielle came. Went to the park for awhile. At 3:30 went to the livingroom and Ralph and I played chess. At 4:30 watched Wild Wild West, they left at 6. nite- at 7:45 Andy came over, sat in the basement. At 8:30 Ralph and Danielle, then Dave arrived. Talked about medieval art and 'The Magic Christian'. They left at 11.


September 2 Saturday

While I was washing my hair, Diane and Ralph arrived. Diane frizzed her hair. Gillian came, then Lesley and Danielle. Don and two girls came, but left about an hour later. Watched 'Bugs Bunny'. Dave came, everyone but he and Gillian left at 6. Ate in the kitchen, talked. Ralph, Danielle and Andy returned. Ralph had a hand off a manikin. They watched part of the Russian-Canadian hockey game downstairs. Turned off all the lights in the house, played Hide and Seek. They left at 11. PS-smoked up, got so-so.


September 3 Sunday

Ralph came over about 12:30, at 1:15 Gillian. At 1:30 she got some hash from Graham Banks. Danielle came. Smoked some. About 4 David Hanson came. Played Hide and Seek. They left at 5:30. nite- at 7:10 Gillian returned, she watched TV downstairs. Ralph, Danielle, Andy and Dave came, smoked up more, turned off the lights, played Hide and Seek. Gillian left at 10:10, argued where we would go tomorrow. They left at 11.


September 4 Monday

At 12:40 got to Ralph's, then Ralph, Danielle and I started to walk to Dave's. Met Judy near Fairview, stopped at McDonald's for something to eat. Got to Dave's, Sue there. Read sex cartoons, Diane came, didn't do much. Walked home with Ralph and Danielle. nite- started to walk to Ralph's, then Gillian called me as I was going through the tunnels, got a drive with her and Alan. Andy and Diane were there. Ralph had two manikin arms. Didn't do much, Andy left about 9:30, Gillian and Alan at 10. Talked, left at 11:15.


September 5 Tuesday

At 12:45 Ralph came over, we went to the park. Danielle came and we went back. We cleaned and rearranged the basement and put up Beatles posters. Watched 'Star Trek' at 4, they left at 6.


September 6 Wednesday (67)

First Day of Grade 10. Walked to school. Met Dave, Lesley and Diane in the Great Hall, then we met Danielle and Ralph. At 8:15 went to a room to get timetables, at 8:30 went to my first class. Chem S [tudy]-in rm. 486 with Mr Thorly Brown. I have Andy, Dave and Christine in class. Got locker #2064 and the book. B block(spare)-Dave, Andy, Christine and I went to the Civic Center, some guys came and lent us a pipe and we smoked up-went back in the school. Met Janet and went back outside the aud for a cig (without Andy). Art- in rm. 434 Miss Bowyer-had to plan a painting for distance. History-large group instruction in the aud. Sat with Diane, Ralph, Janet, Dave and Andy. Got lectured about the course. Lunch-Lesley, Dave, Ralph, Andy and I went and sat under the trees at the Civic Center. Diane came. Chris walked across the field, we called but he didn't hear [or didn't want to]. French-in rm.401 with Mr. Avatis, got book. He asked us what we did in the summer. Chris was outside the door, he asked me when my spare was. Math-in rm 413 with Miss Hunt [poor Miss Hunt. When she came to the door at first, I was leaning against it. She asked me to move, I thought she was another student (this being her first teaching position) and said no, until I saw the key in her hand. This was not the last indignity she would have to suffer]. Andy's in the class, got the book and fucked around. English-in rm 218 with Mr. Pound, got a novel. Didn't do much, he talked about his bike trip. Got bus 101, but should have got 103, got home anyway. nite- about 6:30 met Gillian and Abby at Kingsman Park, talked, stayed about 1/2 hour. [this night my father tried for the last time to demand that I get a hair cut...he failed. It would not be for another nine years...]




66. Bobby Fisher becomes World Chess Champion.


67. The Olympic Massacre in Munich.