part II 1971-1977


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February 21

saw 'M*A*S*H*' at Fairview [a guy in front keep telling his girl which scenes to watch for. This was the first movie I saw with the word 'fuck' in it].


February 22

Tina gave Graham Banks shit about calling me a fag. [Of the people at that time, Tina and Steve at least has some sympathy for me. I don't think Tina liked me though, but Steve did. Graham was a friend of Foster (Tilden, my next door neighbour. His uncle ran Tilden Rent a Car. Both Foster and Graham had attended Cedar Park School), whose nickname was 'Limey'. Later he would collect Auston Minis. The first time I hear the word 'faggot' used against me was in 1970 (shouted from a bus) as Sheila and I were walking home on St John's by the City Hall after school, and I didn't know what it meant. Sheila told me, and I hated the sound of it].


Note by Brenda Goché, February


Do you want to copper some decks, there 5 for a $1.00


March 1971


March 4

a large snowstorm. [not rivaled again until March 1993, and of course the ice storm of 1998. The streets had been clear the week before. School was canceled for a couple of days].


March 17

Bloodrock and Grand Funk Railroad at the Forum [a recording exists of this. The singer of Bloodrock was lying on the speakers rubbing himself, and I could feel a silent shutter go through the audience].


March 19

went to see the movie 'Cromwell' in Dorval for History class. Bought a joint later.


- Music: Steppenwolf, The Guess Who and Grand Funk Railroad


March 29

got some hash from Steve's friend under the stairs by the caf [which I now know was incense].


Note by Tina, March


Steve, I did not want to go down the nurses office & I didn't want to she make [sic]. I do not want glasses. I don't need glasses & I won't get "any"



PS Shut-up


Note by Linda, March



I just can't believe that Donna's stepfather makes passes at her



P.S. Write back. I feel like writing to someone.


[I was taking pre-confirmation classes at the United Church, but quit about three months before becoming a member (and I still am not a member)].