part II 1971-1977


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June 27 Tuesday

At 11:15 Ralph came over, made bacon for breakfast. Went downstairs and talked. At 1 we walked to Cartier along the 2&20 [with the world's heaviest suitcase filled with records. Said goodbye to Ralph, as he, Danielle and family would soon leave for New York City and then Europe, sailing on the 'France'] and at 1:35 I got the bus to Hawksbury. At 2:40 got there and wandered around 'till 4 when Sue, Paul and Chris found me and we drove to the farm. Played records, talked, watched the late movie. [I had invited Chris to spend some time with me at my parents farm. His parents had a place not far away (a coincidence)].


June 28 Wednesday

Chris and I helped Sue clean the barn. Shot a gun in the afternoon [photos exist]. Played a game in the kitchen (Chris, Sue, Paul and I), we were in hysterics. Watched the late movie.


June 29 Thursday

As I woke, the cat sitting on the bed next to me stuck it's claw into the white of my eye [Good Morning!]. Paul, Chris and I went to the river and shot guns [at logs. My hopefully last experience with a shotgun]. Sue and I went for a walk down the road. All of us went to the store in the car. Paul, Chris and I went to a field, I drove the tractor. Watched TV at nite. About 10:30 Chris, Sue and I were doing the dishes and Sue and I were tearing down Chris (frog, toad). Sue, Chris and I sat in the kitchen and talked until 1.


June 30 Friday

Helped Sue clean out the stables, I rode Billy bareback. At 1:50 Paul drove Chris and I to Hawksbury, we bought bus tickets, then we thought we'd like to stay the weekend, but couldn't because we couldn't refund the tickets [photos exist]. At 2:50 the bus came and at 3 it left. We talked, he said he liked Sue, Paul, the farm etc. At 4:25 we got off on the 2&20 and I went home. About 6:35 Mom drove me to Fairview, got the album 'Stand Up' by Jethro Tull. At 7:20 met Chris under the clock. Went to Pascal's and looked at posters. At 7:25 met Dave under the clock, then Andy. Walked to Dave's, talked. Chris asked me to come to his farm the next day. Dave played his 8 track tape player. At 10 watched TV (Love American Style). At 10:25 Chris and I left, walked through the field to St John's. Walked to Chris's house, [where he, on seeing a group of guys, suggested I avoid them, which I did], walked the rest of the way home, got home at 11:35.



"It's not too late, only begun,

we can still make summer.

Yes, summer always comes anyway."


-Jethro Tull



July 1972


July 1 Saturday

At 11:30 got picked up by Chris (his father driving) at the path. We drove up north to Chris house, about one and a half miles from our farm. Had lunch there then Chris and I walked to our farm. Helped Sue do the dishes. Paul and Ross Powrie [a friend of Paul's] there. Sat in the livingroom. For dinner we drove to a 'frit wagon', stood around the car the eat. About 8 to 9:30 watched 'Elizabeth R' on TV with Chris. About 11 Tommy and Diane McKinroy came. Watched the late movie, about drugs in a town. Slept in Chris's room with him.