part II 1971-1977


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February 1971


Note fragment by Linda February 1


I think I'll write a real mean note about Alan, say real gross things about him and accidentally on Purpose let him see it......I do it. I know it's mean, but.


February 4

at lunch with Ken, Robert Rea, Joyce, Rea, Leslie [not of later fame] and Liz.


[February 5- Apollo 14 lands on the moon. It is not mentioned in the original journal entries...]


February 11

Steve McKnight asked me if I want to buy some hash [well under a gram]. I did and I got it from Tina in the caf [and was very nervous, as this was the first time. I think I smoked it off the end of a cigarette at home, and nothing happened. That would happen in the fall.


Why did I start? To fit in, because I was curious, because it was cool (had I been born 5 or 6 years earlier I would have been a hippie with the best of them I'm sure) and was still relatively inexpensive (see February 1975 and Appendix 2)...My older sister Susan smoked but to her credit had never offered me any].


February 15

bought more hash from Tina.


February 18

Robert Rea and Brad Porter were toking up [the first appearance of that expression] at the Civic Centre. I delivered hash to them from Tina.


Letter from Sheila written February 20, 1971 from Pickering, Ontario


Boo! (hey, you don't look scared!)


You haven't done anything, darling, that was terrible. It's just that it's so boring up here I didn't have anything to write about. What did Liz tell you about that guy up here? It must have been terrible! Thank you for the pictures, the one of you is gorgeous. The other one is great too...I have quite a few of you, what with the one we took a long time ago with the color film and this new ones, and now I kiss them all good morning, goodnight and whenever I feel like it. I just thought I'd warn you in case, when I saw the real Alan, you know, just so you wouldn't die of shock when you got a huge or worse from me. I hope so! I love group plays so much. How do you like my drawings? They took me three solid hours to do. I just can't draw well anymore without you, I can't do anything right without you for that matter. Baby, I miss you so very, very, very, very, very much!!!


Last night I was going through and old collection of pictures and I found a lot of me. So I picked a few out and decided to send them to you so you could see my steady change from bad to worse. Some of the years are missing because I couldn't find one that came from the year. You see I didn't come ugly overnight I've been getting that way over the years. Anyway I've got writer's cramp, so I guess I'd better say goodnight now!


Much Love,


Sheila xxxooo---


P.S. I love you

P.P.S. Give Ken R., Steve M., George K., Paul R., etc my love.

P.P.P.S. Sorry my writing is a mess.

P.P.P.P.S. Ask George how Cyn is and then tell him to suck a rock and shove it up!


Love Sheila xxxooo---


Sheila Robinson