part II 1971-1977


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May 30 Tuesday

Math- Lang still won't let Christine and me in, Chris duked it too so we all went out to the Civic Center under the trees. Cathy Dyre, Diane and Andy came too. About 5 minutes before the end we went back in and I sat by Ralph's locker. Gym- I duked it, Ralph, Christine and I went to the same place as yesterday, then to the same field. Ralph took Christine's smokes and she gave him 5 to get them back. Chris saw us and threw a paper airplane out the window. Lunch- Ralph, Diane and I went to the Civic Center under the trees, Dave and Lesley (ick) came, Andy came for 10 minutes. Art- got out because painting is finished, went outside the door near Woodworking for a smoke, then I was walking down the new 4th floor hall and Chris ran up and walked with me, we walked to the Great Hall. Science- Chris said he had a piece of lead in his left arm from Grade 4, then he and I got a "D" for talking. Einser said to come at 3:10, at 3 met Chris outside and we went outside the aud door for a smoke. At 3:10 we went to 480. Chris was walking around, I asked him if he was nervous and he said "No, I have to take a piss". Sat in 480 for 50 minutes listening to Einser talk at 2 girls about antibodies. Walked home.


May 31 Wednesday

Street musicians in Ottawa Chris, Ralph, Christine and I met at my locker, then we went to the student's lounge. Went to find out which bus we were on and Lapa said Chris and I couldn't go because we had been duking Math (which I never did, he wouldn't let me in, but Chris did yesterday) [why Christine was allowed to go, I don't know]. Went to see Lang in the Data room [angry] and while talking he threatened to hit me, went back to Lapa and she said I could go, but not to come to her if the teacher yelled. So we went to Ottawa [an Art class field trip] (Christine, Ralph, Chris and I), sat at the back of the bus. Filmed. Stopped about 10:15 to eat, about 11 got to Ottawa. Wandered around the National Gallery, went to the top floor. At about 12:10 went to see the Gothic show [I remember illuminated manuscripts in a dimly lit room, and statues]. At 1 we go to roam around Ottawa. Christine, Chris, Ralph, Mike somebody [Flahault] and I went to the Parliament buildings, then to the Mall. [Ralph took photos]. Went back to the museum at 2, got back to school at 4:30. [my father talked to Lang on the phone later and cleared things up...]


"Rivers are the male blood of mountains..."


- Graffiti under a bridge in Ottawa


"...five years, that's all we've got..."


- Bowie



June 1972


June 1 Thursday

Math- allowed back in, Chris was there (he wasn't going to be, but Lang caught him in the hall). Did what we usually do-nothing. Gym(spare)- Ralph, Dave and I went to the Civic Center rink, Chris came about 3 minutes after we did. Had a smoke, went outside, a plane flew over really low. Ralph went up on the roof and threw stones at us. Janet, Ralph Kerlet [?] and a guy came out and we talked to them. Ralph deSmit banged on a window and a guy came out and said no one could come back for a month. Lunch- was by myself because Ralph went home and Dave went with him, and Diane wasn't there either. Just wandered around. Art- Chris came to the door to give me his Science book because he's leaving for Toronto and he won't be in Science. At my locker before Science Chris came up and said he had gone home then come back (he was wet). nite- Gillian and I met on the bus and we went to Fairview. Took pictures [the first of Gillian], went to the Drop-In, I sat in the 'office' swivel chair. Went to give Chris an obscene phone call, but his old man said he was at Fairview with his old lady, so we looked for him but couldn't find him. Saw Lesley (BITCH) she wants the $1 I owe her (she's not getting it). Went back to the Drop-In, then got the 9:15 bus, Jennie Plugg was on it + some other girl Gillian knew. We tore down Brenda Gates [now girls girls].