part II 1971-1977


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January 1971


Letter written by Sheila January 9, 1971 from Pickering, Ontario


Dear Alan,


I'm very very sorry that I haven't been able to write before this, but everything had been going wrong. First one we moved in the furnace was busted and the water didn't work, also the telephone wasn't connected. Crike, it was nice freezing, and thirsting to death. Once we got that straightened out we had to start rushing out to my aunt's because my grandmother was extremely ill. In the process of rushing to my aunt's I caught a cold and when I went to school I got the flu on top of that. That reminds me, how is your childship enjoying grade 8? I don't mean that. I'd so much rather be in grade 8 with you people !!!! Now, however, I'm in a mixture of grade 9 & 10. It's pure Shit! (both senses). I got a letter from Liz yesterday. I'm still waiting to hear from you though. Stop showing off, because you know what I got? A beautiful pair of black velvet, hip - hugger cords. So there! What shocking things had Laine done lately??? Write answer in this space-. Please explain and write clearly. want to hear some sickies? Too bad, you'll hear them anyway:


1) There was a big Xmas party everyone was feeling merry, so Merry got up and left. Then everyone jumped for joy and Joy ran away. (Freddie joke)


2) These cowboys were in a saloon. This dumb looking guy came in and said in a high voice, "Oh gee whiz, what are those awful men doing dragging that poor man to the scaffold?" The cowboy said, "They're hanging a faggot" "Oh, how do you like my Tiny Tim imitation?" (example of Dunbarton High humour, aren't they doze?)


3) There was this scientist and he was experimenting with frogs. So he said "Froggie jump!" The froggie jumped and the sci. wrote in his book - froggie with 4 legs jump. So he continued to do this cutting off one leg each time. Each time the Froggie jumped. Finally the Frog had no legs left. The sci. said "Froggie jump" no jump "Froggie jump" no jump. So the sci wrote 'Froggie with no legs deaf!' (Sick no?)




Please write back to me soon!


Lots of Love,




(Sheila)! xxxooo---


Why didn't you cooperate?(4) I really wish you had!


January 10

began to put empty cigarette packs up on the wall in my room [I did this continuously until at least late 1973. In the packs themselves I would write the dates the pack was in use, usually one or two days.


The first time I inhaled (in January), I got dizzy (it didn't stop me though...)


Expect for a brief period in 1971 and 1973, I smoked Export "A", a very strong cigarette. At this time, this was the brand of choice].


January 22

Casino Royal [a cashless casino] at J.R.




4. 'Cooperate' was a code word for making out.