part II 1971-1977


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Autographs in the little brown book


May 1, 1972

Don Dowden

I am siting outside Allen's school listening to the tape recorder. It's a beautiful day. Lesley took off with Dave Allen is stupid I hope we have a fanastic summer we will alot of people are coming to listen to the music that It fuck of everyhing is going to go alwrite I hope


bye Don Dowden


Dave Essiambre

1 May 1972

I'm in no condition to write this.


May 1,1972

Lesley Astle

Today is bright and warm (nearly hot) and sunny and beautiful.

How's Don? Bai!



Chris Todd

*Brush well after every Mr. Einser; He can rot your teeth!!

*For you protection


May 1st 1972

Liz Haden

I have nothing to say if I say I have nothing to say, I have something to say but it's nothing really. How's that?


May 2 Tuesday

Lesley away. Math- I tried to work but Christine bothered me. Derek Wyman talked about gov't. Gym- played volleyball, I served alot in a row and each time I got points for our team. Lunch- met Dave and Janet up by the aud doors, Andy came up. We went outside the door for a smoke, in the old place. English- did a grammar sheet, Dave W copied off mine. Science- talking to Todd and Pride about porno, Pride was drawing girls on his desk, I showed him an easier way...



Christine Lovett

alias Christopher Robin

If it was really less than more than twice before could it really be or should it not than 3x4 was less than more and I am quite insane.


May 2/72

Ken Reich

alias munchkin

My height and growth was stunted at the sight of "Ugh" Alan