part II 1971-1977


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April 28 Friday

Math- Christine and I took 15 minutes to do a problem on the board, later she and I were telling Chris T the ways he resembled a toad ['Toad' would be his later nickname]. Gym(spare)- Christine and I went to the library for asec then out, on our way passed Chris T, [we] said he was duking. Christine and I stood out by St John's and had a smoke, then we went to the library and sat with Ken. History- chapter 17 test, Webb told a gross joke (I can't believe I ate the whole thing) (51). Lunch- Christine and I met Lesley, Dave and Janet in the aud, sat outside at the back. Dave sang 'Aqualung' in opera. Andy came, then we went inside up by the aud doors, Lesley sat by herself on the stairs, then she came and sat with us. Art- Chris T came and walked across the painting, I said I was going to kill him in Science. Science- Chris said he has a dog (a Labrador) and a cat. At the end we were throwing wet pieces of paper at each other. nite- at 5:30 Lesley and Don came over with a stereo tape recorder. They stayed here at dinner, ordered pizza. Foster Tilden bought some acid from Don in the front hall. We walked to Gillian's (Lesley, Don, Judy, Christine, Ralph, Danielle, Andy and I), went up to Gillian's room, then downstairs. Had a fire in the fireplace [good]. Played cards, talked etc. Gillian lent me the album 'Benefit' by Jethro Tull. Got a drive to my place, Lesley and Don stopped in to get their kitten they's left in the basement. Outside we met Tilden and Fenouhlet who were tripping.








April 29 Saturday

Ralph came over, sat downstairs. Danielle, then Gillian came. Watched movies. My parents went out so we went to the livingroom. Gillian was passing out smokes. Lesley and Don came and went upstairs to play 'checkers' (they were up 2 hrs). Downstairs we played 'Feds and Heads' (52), fed the cat (Don and Lesley brought it). Went upstairs and persuaded Lesley and Don to give us the tape recorder, we got it and taped. Watched 'Bugs Bunny', Lesley and Don came down about 5:30, everyone left at 6. They left the cat here. nite- got a drive with Ralph to Lesley's, Dave and Danielle in the car. Don and Gillian were at Lesley's. Got a drive to the Dorval Community Center. Played ping-pong, sat in the little room, went outside and played 'Crack the Whip', started fires. Got a drive home with Ralph.


April 30 Sunday

Gillian and I walked up to the phone booth across from school and met Ralph and Danielle. We went to the pits, sat up on the hill (windy there), then in the large field, then to a stream in the woods with a [very] small waterfall. Made things from clay in the stream (I made an ashtray), stayed at the stream 1+1/2 hrs. We called it 'DRAG' stream after the first letters of our names [would not 'GARD' or 'GRAD' have been better?]. Went back to the large field, saw a fairly large fire across the field, Danielle and Ralph went to put it out. Left about 4:15, walked home.



May 1972


"Spin me down the long ages, let them sing their song..."


-Jethro Tull (1972)


May 1 Monday

Math- Chris T and I talking about the Pits, motorcycles. Racine asked me if I played any sports. Chris bought Alice Cooper's 'Killer' Friday night. History- Ken and I insulted each other. Lunch- met Don (he was at J.R. Today) and Lesley at my locker. Went to the caf, met Dave. Then Don and I went to the aud, sat outside and sat against the wall of the aud on the grass facing the back parking lot [the sun was warm]. Don had brought his tape recorder so we listened to music. Dave and Lesley came with the cat, sat there and talked. Art- out in the hall not doing anything on the 6ft painting, Chris T came up and we talked. We saw Don out of the windows but couldn't call him to come up because they were nailed shut. Chris said he'd get Don (he'd gone to the caf). Chris got Don, they stayed, Don held up the painting. Lapa said it was my best work, but I had to fix the shading. While I was mixing paint in the hall Chris came back (he had got his French books). Fixed shading. English- Don came to the door at the beginning. Science- right at the beginning I had my head down looking at the desk, Chris came in and put his hand right under my head. He said he'd never been stoned on grass or anything like that, just drunk. His full name is Chris Alan Todd. After school Don came here, then Lesley, we sat outside on the porch, Don had firecrackers [this is the last day in this journal that Don and Lesley are recorded together. Soon after this they would break up for the last time, and Lesley would enter a dark period in her life...even in 1994 she still wondered what ever became of Don].




51. A line from an 'Alka Seltzer commercial airing at this time.


52. See August 28, 1971.