part II 1971-1977


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March 30 Thursday

Going down the path to the bus Fenouhlet and Tilden were there with a splif, they gave me a toke. At my locker with Lesley etc I was stoned. Math- got back test results, the rest of the class was a spare. Drew on the board. Derek Wyman drew an ugly girl's face, so I drew her with a fantastic body, he killed himself laughing. They drew football stars (big Number 19),1967 hippies, greasers, drinkers, motorcycles and assorted words. Gym(spare)- sat in the library with Ken and ? Lunch- on the way to the aud Lesley, Diane and I saw Christine and we ran away from her. Got to the aud and sat in the offroom, then we went outside for a smoke (out the doors to the back parking lot). Christine found us as we were going out, came back in and sat again. Art- got out at 1, Christine and I went to my Grade 8 locker, we were just leaving when Chris T came up the stairs, I said look at the alcoholic, we followed him up the hall saying how he staggered. English- I duked it, sat in the Great Hall (my locker end) with Christine and her friend. Science- got out at 2:45, Christine and I stood outside in the hall near 442, Chris T came up in his wow coat. I asked him if it was from Toronto, Christine said she would phone him during the holiday, he looked away sick. Christine came on my bus for a few minutes. nite- walked to Lesley's, Don there then Dave and Ralph came. Discussed famous painting (do you believe that). Dave, Ralph and I went to Perette's. I asked Lesley if she could get her picture book, and Don was telling her not to, so I yelled at Don for interfering. Got a drive home with Ralph.


March 31 Friday Holiday

Judy and I got the bus to Fairview, we were supposed to met Don, Lesley, Dave and Ralph under the clock at 1, but they weren't there, so we looked around. At 1:45 Lesley and Don came, we all went to Eaton's. Judy and I went back to find Dave and Ralph, by the clock at 2 we met Diane Shalard and Jerry Fox. They said they'd seen Dave. At 2:10 met Dave, at 2:20 Ralph. Went back to Eaton's, Lesley and Don were gone. Went back to the clock, sent Judy back to Eaton's to see if Lesley's and Don were in the dressing rooms. While she was gone Dave, Ralph and I were talking to Diane S, Warren Johnson, Jerry and her boyfriend (who had come up) then Judy, Don and Lesley came and we all talked. Judy, Don, Lesley, Dave, Ralph and I got pictures taken. Left at 3, got the new bus home. It drove down Maywood and passed Chris T's house, with a real Volkswagen. nite- got picked up near St John's by Ralph, Dave in the car. Got Judy, went to Lesley's, Don there. Got a drive to the Dorval Community Center. Don got $9 of grass, bought 2 jays from him. I guess Lesley was tripping and she ran outside, we got her back. In the big room we were riding a bike around, went in the room with foil walls, had a jay (Don's), got stoned. Left at 12, got a drive.



April 1972


"I'll tell you one thing that really drives me nuts, it's people who think that Jethro Tull is just a person in the band.


Who's Jethro Tull?"


-  Armageddon 1998




April 1 Saturday

Walked to Lesley's, Don, Judy, Alan Walker and Gillian there. Went to the D.Q.. Lesley and Don fighting (what else is new). Everyone looked for and found Judy's glasses which I hid March 15 [prick]. coming up the driveway on the way home Tilden asked me if I would like to buy some grass, I said no. nite- walked to Lesley's (I was stoned, had 1/2 a joint before I left), brought the black light. Don, Judy, Alan and Gillian there. D+L, G+A were making out, I went to the D.Q. alone. Alan, Gillian and Judy left at 10:30, Don and I fought over a chair cover. Walked home.


April 2 Sunday

Lesley, Don, Julia (Lesley's cousin) and Gillian came over [I put a plaque above the door in the basement for people to sign]. Filmed, had the black light on. nite- walked up St John's with Judy to Ralph's, smoked a joint on the way. Lesley, Don, Dave, Julia and Danielle there. Brought the black light. Once Don, Dave and I were out for a joint over at the townhouses and a guy drove up (almost hit me) and asked us what we were doing and followed us back to Ralph's. Had a pillow fight. [Ralph took pictures], got a drive home.

Dave, Don, Lesley, Alan, Julia, Danielle