part II 1971-1977


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March 13 Monday

Judy was here [J.R.] by my locker (it left after) [and with that comment it seems Judy was on the way out]. Math- nothing I can remember. At 10 we went to the nurses office to get a TB shot on my let forearm. Lunch- the caf's been changed, now they sell ice cream etc. Lesley and I went to the Civic Center, after near Lesley's locker the Grade 7's were having an orgy. English- Dave Webb, Jane and I sat right at the back corner, we talked and talked (we were really supposed to be planning a speech for tomorrow). Science- Chris T sometimes talking to me from the desk across from us. We got out 5 minutes early so I went down to where my Grade 7 locker used to be. Chris came up and I showed him and said we were short then and it was something if we could touch the top shelf.


March 14 Tuesday

French- had an assembly about cars being hit by trains at level crossings, sat with Ralph. Math- Derek Wyman said Black Sabbath was a plastic group like Grand Funk. Lunch- went to the aud with Lesley, sat in the usual place. Dave came. Science-Fenouhlet away, at the beginning Chris T wrote on a piece of paper "Wiped" (he thought I was), we passed notes back and forth on how boring the class was.


March 15 Wednesday

Lunch- went to the aud with Lesley and Diane Bouchard, Dave came, he had a smoke. I sat on the other side of the "room" to watch out, I could see the door and stairs. I would drop a chain if any teacher came (none did). Science- Chris T was drawing a drawing of Grand Funk. After class I was looking in room 481, Chris came up and said he was glad we didn't have that room (Grade 7's running around). The door was locked so we had to go down the long way. nite- walked to Lesley's, met Dave, Ralph, Danielle and Judy at the end of Lesley's street. Went into Lesley's (her and Don not there), went downstairs and sat in the dark and waited for them to come. When Don came down and turned on the light we yelled 'surprise' (it's Don's 17th birthday). Did blind fold trick (Moo-moo club, elevator)


Note written March 15, 1972


(Lesley's instructions about Don's surprise party left on the side door of her house)




When you get here, put the chips and things out. Don't mess up the basement at all. Around 7:15, take the lightbulb out of the first thing in the basement, turn off all the lights and sit on the side of the basement with the Grand Funk poster on it. Remember that! Because when Don goes to turn on the light. I don't want him to put his hand on someone's head. See? So don't forget and don't fluke it!






March 16 Thursday

Math- Christine played with Chris compass. Gym(spare)- went to the library with Ken and Diane, sat at a round table and read mags. Lunch- went to the aud with Lesley and Christine, sat in the normal place. Dave came, then Dave and Christine went and sat up by the aud doors and had a smoke, I watched out for them then I sat with them. Some other guy was there, then Lesley came. Science- sat in Fenhoulet's place, Chris doing more cartoons, I did some of guys with guitars.


March 17 Friday

French- Brent almost wiped out by tipping his chair back. Math- Racine sat in front of me, Christine duked (sin!). Gym(spare)- in the library with Ken, [Brian] Finch etc, read mags. Lunch- in the aud with Lesley, Dave and Janet. Singing operas, you could hear it on the 4th floor. English- John gave me 5 pink candies, Dave took one. Science- Einser rearranged the seating plan, Todd's still across the sink from me. nite- [Don, Lesley, Judy and I] went to the Dorval Community Center, downstairs is a place, painted wall with murals etc. I got antisocial, went off my myself, in a room with foil walls, drew on the outside with chalk.