part II 1971-1977


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March 7 Tuesday

Lesley away. Lunch- went to the aud with Christine, sat up by the aud doors, lots of other people there, smoking. Science- grossed out Fenouhlet.


March 8 Wednesday

Math- Chris T was at the board and I went up and told him his answer was wrong, he changed it. Lang yelled "Rhodes!" because I hadn't put the answers to some questions on the board. Lunch- went outside with Lesley for asec then we went to the aud, sat in the place between the doors going outside to the back parking lot and the doors going to the lobby. Judy came, we went out for a smoke by the doors, then came in and ate. English-read a story about 2 guys climbing a cliff, I wrote on Jennie Plugg's hat. Science- Fenouhlet had a book on guitars, near the end of class a large noise that sounded like a truck came from the room behind us, it shook too.


March 9 Thursday

Brought the movie camera to school, filmed people coming in the front door [half this film didn't survive the 1976 edit and the footage has been lost. Beware the Editor]. Chris T came up and said "So this is the fabled camera". French- we looked at a painting of Napoleon in the french book, he was dressed in almost girl's clothes [the painting was by Ingre (?), and actually he was dressed as Emperor seated on a throne], I said "Joesphene!". Gym(spare)- went around filming. Lunch- went to the Civic Center with Janet, Lesley, Dave and Ralph. Then we went to the aud. English- got thrown out at 1:35, filmed. Someone in autoshop had set fire to a tire, you could smell it upstairs in the new 4th floor hall. Science- filmed Fenouhlet and Chris Todd. After school Judy came over, we talked in the vestibule from 3:20 to 4:30.































March 10 Friday

Chris Todd came in and leaned on my locker, I told him the movie should be back by Friday. Then Lesley came. Math-Chris told me about some things in 'National Lampoon'. Gym(spare)- bought a jay off Dave Webb, went in the can to get it. Then I sat in the library with Ken, took a library card out of a book, it was signed 'Laine Scott' Feb25 (1970!). Got a Black Sabbath ticket from Janet in C block. Lunch- Lesley and I walked to the Civic Center and met Dave and Janet at the rink. Art- Colman said his note was forged. English- left early, could smell weed near Woodworking. After school I smoked the jay and got really stoned, laid on the bed and I wish I had not smoked it. (I'm too tired to finish) [this being the first drugs I'd done since Jan 21, and the fact that I think it was treated with something extra, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember a strange sensation in my chest that lasted over an hour...]. nite- went to Ralph's with Lesley and Don, met them in a car at the shops. Dave and Danielle were at Ralph's.. Once we turned the lights on and off. Didn't do much.


March 11 Saturday

Went to Fairview with Lesley and Don, met Danielle in Woolworth's. Some guy followed us around in there, thinking we were going to take something. Lesley bought some metal stars, took pictures [in a booth, the first of Danielle]. nite-walked to Lesley's, Don and Danielle there, sat in the livingroom talking about how positive Don is, ripping up Brenda, Sandi and Dave [can you say 'bitchy'?]. Went to Perette's, on the way Lesley was almost hit by a car on the 2&20 [Don pulled her out of the way]. A guy on the caboose of a passing train yelled at us and waved. Went back to Lesley's, she gave me a metal star.


March 12 Sunday

cool 40°F-sun Walked to Lesley's, they weren't there so I walked to Perette's to try and find them. Met Dave and Ralph, there was a dead dog on the 2&20. We went to Lesley's, Danielle there. Sandi came, then Judy. Don, Lesley, Danielle, Ralph, Dave and I went to Perette's. Ralph took a bag of candy, Don dropped a little cake and I beat it with a plastic pole I found. Went back and Sandi and Judy were gone. Walked home.[I remember it felt like spring this day...]