part II 1971-1977


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March 1972


March 1 Wednesday

Math- Chris T lost a quarter and we were looking for it. He has new jeans. Lunch- in the caf listening to Diane S and Jane talk about their freak outs. Lesley and I went to the aud, Richard ? [Hilljones?] and Brent Mallard came and sat with us.


March 2 Thursday

Home with a cold, Power went on and off from 10 am to 5 pm. Lesley on the phone said school was let out at 12.


March 3 Friday

Math- Christine sat in front of me and we talked. Derek Wyman asked me if I freaked out yesterday (someone did on 5 tabs!). Gym(spare)- talked to Dave Webb for a few minutes in the library (at a table, he was with Tracy Price). Played cards, a game called 'Spit' with Ken and John Carnegie. Lunch- Christine and I waited for Lesley to get out of the food line in the caf, then we went to the aud and talked. English- Dave Webb was acting stupid at the door, he sat beside me and we talked. Science- Higginson in front, Todd to the left of me at the other desk, Fenouhlet duking. nite- got the new Fairview bus to Lesley's. Don and Judy there. Then Dave, Ralph and Danielle deSmit. We went upstairs and watched the movie "The Russians are Coming..." (1) on TV. Downstairs later we gave people the bumps. Outside at 11, Danielle, Judy, Dave and I were trying to get Ralph off the high snowbank (The Munchkins will return!). Got a drive home with Ralph.


March 4 Saturday

Went up with Sue and Paul to the farm, sat in the kitchen. Then Doug (16 yr old son of the owners) [by June 1972 Sue and Paul had moved in, my father being the new owner. They raised beef on the 350 (?) acres] took me out on a snowmobile. We got out in a field and he asked me if I would like to drive it, I did across the field. Sat in the livingroom later and a doll had red felt pen on the legs so I said it was bleeding. Sue thought I meant the other way (George). Doug laughed (he's a nice guy) [cute too, and blond], he said a teacher at his school had really fuzzy long hair. On the way back got Kentucky Fried Chicken (my first time) and ate it driving home. nite- Don, Lesley, Judy, Dave, Ralph and Danielle came over, we watched all the movies except the 2 Diary ones (making 7). Played a card game 'Pig'. Had a fight with Judy [over the TV]. Got two large pizzas, then played again, then I just watched. Dave has a haircut (he he).


March 5 Sunday

Judy came over, then Don and Lesley. Judy played a tape of her brother's group. Judy and I wrote a note to each other. Showed her the Brother André joke [done by cutting an envelope a certain way to simulate an erection]. Played cards abit.


Note written March 5, 1972 by Judy and me


J) Hai how are you?


What a scab! Are you mad at me? You have a sort of good reason to be, but, I wanted to watch a bit of the movie last night. that's why I didn't want to go in before you. Judy.


A) I'm not mad now, but I was then.


J) I was what you called 'peeved'. I took it out on that snowbank at the end of the path.


March 6 Monday

Chris Todd came up to me at my locker and asked me if I had done the math sheet. I showed him the torture book [borrowed from my sister, it was a history of torture]. Gym- in gym 2 saw a movie on V.D. [in which the victims had green checkerboards on them]. Lunch- in the aud with Lesley, when the bell rang I went, on my way down to Art talked to John Mativey, Chris T there too. English- Warren Johnson beside me, played with Jennie Plugg's glove and hat. Science- had a test, Higginson wrote on my eraser "What did you get on #10" me-"Nothing" him-"think".




1. Another movie shown on TV at this time (and earlier) was "Colossus, The Forbin Project". I remember Lesley liked this film.