part II 1971-1977


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"Does this kind of life look interesting to you?"


-Frank Zappa


February 1972


February 1 Tuesday

Math- talked to Racine and Todd. Lunch- Judy here, she, Christine, Dave, Lesley and I went outside for a smoke. nite- Judy and Lesley came over for about 1/2 hour.


Note written February 1, 1972 from Lesley to me


Dearest Alluitious,


Ignore the other side. I'm really worried about Don. suppose he gets sent back to the farm [for juvenile delinquents]? You keep saying it couldn't be that bad, but if it wasn't, why didn't they let him come home? Judy and I both figured out a number of things. He went to Steinberg's and beat up Richard or even killed him. that's alittle far fetched, but it's possible. Or he got caught with some no-no's on him, or he put his fist through a window. Which ever it is, I miss him so much and I hope he's alright and doesn't have to go back to the farm. I wish I could see him right now. And if he had to go back to the farm, I'll hang on to his belt loop and won't let go! They'll have to take me too. If he phones you or anything this afternoon-tell him to phone me right away. Fuck! I think I'll kill myself! No one would care! ooooooo Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Shit! God damn the fucking world! Christ!


On Alan what will I do? I'm going nuts. I wish I knew what happened! I miss Don. Which police station do you think he's in, Dorval or Pointe Claire? No more paper so Bai!




February 2 Wednesday

We sat on the stairs going down to the place where the chip machine used to be and talked [before classes in the morning]. Gym- one of the towels were from the Nevelle Hotel. Lunch- went out with Lesley, then to the caf with her. Science- Fenouhlet and I sat at the back.


February 3 Thursday

Gym(spare)-went out with Ken for a smoke then to the caf, sat with Racine (I had an knife) [actually an Arabic style letter opener]. History (really snowing) I stuck a quarter down Linda Ross's sweater (heh heh). Lunch- got attacked (with Lesley) while leaving the caf [and the knife was broken]. Science- Renwick was squirting water at us from the tap.


February 4 Friday Snow Holiday

Walked to Lesley's (1/2 the way with Judy), we couldn't see across the lake. We sat in the livingroom, got a newspaper clipping (Bob Walford) (43) from Judy. I drew it. Did the uncontrollable hand, fuzzed hair. nite- walked back to Lesley's (1/2 the way a drive with Judy's father). Ralph there. Judy, Ralph and Lesley got rambunctious (what a word). I dripped candle wax on my pants. Lesley seemed to be mad at everyone [considering what was happening that shouldn't have been a surprise]. Outside after Judy, Ralph and I were throwing snow at each other. Ralph's father drove us home.


February 5 Saturday

Went to Fairview with Judy, met Lesley there. Got 'Alice Cooper-Killer'. Lesley is really mad because I wouldn't give her Don's money [that he'd left with me before his arrest].




44. A cute, though not very tall blond jock that I had a crush on at this time.