part II 1971-1977


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December 30 Thursday

I went to Judy's in the afternoon, drew pictures. Then in the backroom, then back in the livingroom. nite-stayed in.


December 31 Friday

Sue and Paul drove Lesley, Judy and I down to Alexis Nihon Plaza. I bought a black light. When we met Sue she was eating cotton candy. nite- went to Lesley's. Don, Judy, Ralph, Alison and her boyfriend Paul, Gillian and her boyfriend Allen, Jerry, Mike and Diane were there. I brought the black light, painted our hands (planets, Zap!, and designs) (40). Near midnight blew paper whistles at each other.


Note written c.December 1971 by Judy


Right now Lesley is typing too. Don and Alan aren't here. We just came back from Perette's. It is freezing out. This is a spastic typewriter! We are really picking our buns. I just had two ciggibuts! Lesley is writing a letter to Don. I think she misses him. Understatement of the year. I can't wait until New Year's Eve! Last night was funny. I have to be home at ten.




40. In fluorescent paint. This paint also spilled onto some of the Chicago albums I had bought. This was not a total disaster though, I never really liked them anyway. A poster came with the boxed set though, an old photo of Carnegie Hall. I painted the windows in day-glo yellow and hung it on the closet doors in my room.