part II 1971-1977


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November 28 Sunday

Mike came here, sat up in my room planning movie. We walked to Lesley's, Don there. We waited for Judy and a [flood] light. When they came we went up to Lesley's room, shot a movie about a diary (called "Diary"). The batteries died so Mike and I went to Perette's to get some. We did and just before we finished shooting the movie the film ran out (Mike was mad!). Went to the basement, I painted a 7Up bottle black with a felt pen. Lesley typed a letter to Don. Walked home.


November 29 Monday

Lunch- went outside with Christine, Sandi and Dave. We went to the City Hall. Brad Porter had some tear gas.


November 30 Tuesday

Began to wear a black suit jacket (34). Math- Mike was at the door at the beginning. Lunch- I stood at the front of the school for a smoke. Looked for people, found no one. Science- Chris Todd sitting at the back [a cute boy of 14, he was also in my Math class].


Note c. November-December 1971 from Lesley to me


Hai, Scabbiness Delux a la George Sauce! How You? Whaja do last night (heh heh heh) Just wait til tomorrow night when Judy and You have your delux checker game! (heh heh heh). Don's coming over tonight so we can talk about what we are going to do.


I want to go to Jesus Christ Superstar. Do you? If you have the money, which are you going to do? J.C.S. or Uriah Heep? I wish I could wee both.


Right now the french teacher is calling each person up individually to give them their marks for their reports. So I have lots of time to write you a note.


I want to drop something tomorrow night. I still have about 1/4 cap of mesc left, but that isn't much to get off on.


Fuck! A guy in our class has 98% in French. Makes me sick. Back to dropping. I think I'll look hard for something. I know, I'll drop acid, Freak out, and maybe after that I'll have changed a lot. Eh? Could be. Don wants me to change, so maybe I will.


Janet Glauser is beginning to bug my ass. Yesterday in typing she told me to move in so she could get by. The was room enough for two people to get by. So I turned around and said "Look at all the room! You're not that big!" So she turns around and said "No, but you certainly are!" So I told her to fuck off and to stop acting so immature. Now she's trying to suck up to me. Fuck I hate her. Hatred is almost beautiful. Maybe Don and I shouldn't see each other till Monday. Oh I'll think of something. Fuck! I wish he'd call me up! I want to know my mark. Class is over in 2 minutes. Oh! I'm going to die of curiosity. I hope I'm next.


Bai Grisencibel




34. Which became a trademark until at least late 1972.



Chris Todd