part II 1971-1977


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November 13 Saturday

Met Lesley at Sandi's, we walked down the 2&20 to Lesley's. Judy then Don came, then we went to the 2&20 and Dad picked us up and we went to the Dorval Shopping Centre. I got 'Led Zeppelin IV'(29).We went to a drug store and ate. I got some green incense after. Dad drove us back to Lesley's after, we fought over the record player. nite- I didn't go home for dinner. Mike came. We played a game where the first person who knocks off the ashes off a cigarette has to do whatever he is told to do [the dreaded 'Ash Game']. We (Mike, Judy and I (Don?)) went outside for a sec and Gillian came in a car. Dave (we all hate Dave except for Lesley) (30) came with a record player. Played the ash game again. Judy, Mike, Gillian and I went to a house on Coolbreeze, went upstairs to some room (with a black light-made things glow). We played the ash game and 'spin the bottle' (do you believe that). Then to Perette's (near the D.Q.) then back to Lesley's. She was very mad [because we'd left], she threw one of Dave's records on the floor (it broke) ['Bark' by Jefferson Airplane. Gillian thought it was my Led Zeppelin at first. Dave's record just happened to be nearest to Lesley]. She threw us (Judy, Don, Mike, Gillian and I) out. We waited outside then Gillian's father drove us home.


November 14 Sunday

Lesley phoned and I talked to her and now she isn't mad. I went to Lesley's, sat in the livingroom. Don came, then Judy. We said that I was in Roxboro when Gillian phoned [why?]. We were eating Hallowe'en candy. Went downstairs, Mike came. Played the ash game. We made up a [written] code like mine. Mike came home with me, he ate pizza downstairs. nite- went back to Lesley's (Don and Gillian there). We drew on the ceiling, I drew a picture of Lesley. Mike, Gillian and I went out for a minute and took off all snow off Lesley's car. We have some new codes words [sexual innuendo expressed as food items]. Mike, Gillian and I went out and Gillian's father picked them up. I stayed out for a few minutes, when I came back in Lesley's mother was having a fight with her downstairs. Don and I were there too. When she left we brought the chairs close and talked. Met Rea coming home, he'd got a haircut [Robert had some of the longest hair in John Rennie in 1971, very red and straight].


November 15 Monday Holiday

At about 10:30 am hitchhiked with Judy to Joanne Lafort's house in Beaconsfield. I brought the movie camera with me (31). Stayed there (got there at 11) till about 11:50 then we (Joanne, Judy and I) went to Beaconsfield High School. Someone told us Lesley and Mike were in the girl's can so Judy and I (Joanne took off) went in and had a smoke. Mike was dragging everyone he knew out to be filmed (and I did). (Mike's combo is 34-8-51) (Gillian, Lesley, Mike, Judy and I were the group for the afternoon). We played 'spin the cigarette pack' under some stairs [and Lesley and I had to kiss]. Got Mike's bus to his place, saw his house. Then Lesley, Judy and I got a ride on the 2&20 home. nite- Mike came here, sat in my room awhile while I made my bed. Then we went to Judy's, Gillian there. Went downstairs, played pool. Went to the Mapes ("the tree") for about 1 sec. Then we argued on Lakeview (near Mapes and the lake). Went back to Judy's, tried to talk. Mike and Gillian left. Lesley, Judy and I went upstairs, sat on the stairs while the bird [Skippy] flew around. Went in the livingroom, got out the electric guitar [Judy's brother's], had tea. Went in the backroom, Don phoned. (Lesley and Don had had a fight over the phone about 5 or 6) I talked as if Lesley wasn't there at the moment [she told me what to say by means of notes], got them sort of made up again. Judy gave me a candle.

































29. This album contained the vastly overplayed 'Stairway to Heaven' (a song of undeniable strength, but enough already). Mike, on hearing the album, didn't think much of it. I think it was their last great album, after which they began a long slow slide down....Of all the bands of this period, Led Zeppelin soared above them all. Of all the bands of this period, their music still holds up. It was a marriage of heavy rock and acoustic, of Celtic/Tolkien imagery and classic blues laments that fit the times [like the teenage hell of the 1990's]. But I believe that their top position was based on their live shows as much as their recordings. Two to three hour concerts were not unusual.


30. This would change, and Dave will become a central character in this journal.


31. When I had the films transferred to video in June, 1994, the technician said he enjoyed doing it ("wild times, weren't they"). He had recognized his sister in the scenes filmed outside BHS.