part II 1971-1977


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November 7 Sunday

It snowed but melted. Mike, the Lesley, Judy and Don came over. The saw move #2. Went to Perette's [on Cartier Ave], Don and Lesley went to get Lesley's bike at Gillian's. Sat on the floor in Perette's after I bought 2 packs of Old Ports [as the sun set out the front window]. Came back here, made shadow animals on the screen. nite- Mike and Jeanie came here to see the movie then we went to the church for the talk group. Talked about what we should talk about if our parents came.


November 8 Monday

Lunch- Christine, a friend and I went to the City Hall and upstairs to look for the mayor [why I don't know]. I gave cigars to Brad P's brother there (I didn't like them). After school about 4 Don came here and gave me a tape for the reel to reel. We went to Lesley's, she gave me her class picture. We talked about the ways people had hurt themselves. Lesley let me borrow 'Uriah Heep' and 'Ssssh. Ten Years After'.


Led Zeppelin's forth album is released


November 9 Tuesday

Lunch- went to the shops, talked to Don. Went to the drug store to find out the price of film for Don's camera. nite- Don came here about 6:30. He listened to the tape in the den while I insulted Phyl [my aunt]. We went to Lesley's (we all know what they did all night). We told sick elephant jokes. When we left Don dumped onion power on me.


November 10 Wednesday

Gym- Roy [the teacher] was wearing a white silk dress, blue see-through blouse and a bra, and a white bonnet (his sign said "Rosey Roy. Do it for $1.00-no tipping please") [why is not recorded, maybe he'd lost a bet?]. Lunch- Lesley and I went out the front door and came back in (it was cold). We went to the caf. I sat on the table, we had a smoke in the caf. nite- Don came over about 3:30, he took from Fairview 2 movie films and 3 small tapes. We listened to the Mothers album he's bought [?] (Uncle Meat). After dinner Don came back, we met Judy and we 3 went to the library (Stuart Hall), sat in the coffee shop. Lesley came, we talked about a cartoon I going to make [but never did. Sketches for it exist]. A girl at another table gave us ideas. We went downstairs to the shooting gallery, then outside. The snow was about an inch and a half and not melting and still snowing. We walked to Judy's (throwing snowballs). Lesley left, Don and I played pool. We wore Judy's pajama pants (Don's ripped). Went upstairs and watched TV.


November 11 Thursday

Gym(spare)- went outside for asec with Paul then back in then out again. Met Judy in the parking lot (she's off today), we had a smoke then came in and walked around the school. Down by the phone near the Great Hall at 10:42 we had the 2 minutes silence. Lunch- Judy, Lesley and I went to the shops, met Don (and Brad Porter). We hung around the phone booth. Art- Judy came to class. nite- rode to Lesley's, Judy there. They (Lesley) have a dog [C├ęclue]. At 8 we went to the Dorval Shopping Centre. The new Led Zeppelin [IV] record is out. Came back about 9:30, phoned Don to see if he could come over, but he couldn't. Judy went to sleep on the floor, so Lesley and I had a talk about Judy and I in sign language. On the way home I kept dropping my bike to bug Judy.


November 12 Friday Holiday

Went to Lesley's, sat in the kitchen. Judy came and we sat in the livingroom. Lesley, Judy and I went to Fairview (the bus was really crowded) to get the new Led Zeppelin, it wasn't in. Lesley's friend Norma never came. We hitchhiked to the shops to met Don, hung around the phone booth. nite- went to Lesley's, Don and Sandi there. I went to sleep in a chair, and Don and Lesley were acting obscene (I wasn't asleep).