part II 1971-1977


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Walking in the park just the other day, baby.

What do you think I saw?

Crowds of people sitting on the grass with flowers in their hair said

Hey boy, do you wanna score?


and you know how it is..."


- Led Zeppelin (1971)


November 1971


November 1 Monday

Lesley took a cap of mesc at about 7:30 am. Lunch- Lesley wrote a note on my locker which said she would duke Art (26a). I met her at the Civic Centre (Lesley, Dave, Sandi, Lesley's friend and Heidi). I cut my finger again on my locker. After school went to Lesley's from about 4:55 to 5:45. I 'gotya'd' Judy and she fell against a table and a vase fell and broke.


November 2 Tuesday

Lunch- talked to Sandi and Heidi outside, then drew a picture while sitting on the floor near History.


Wind! Met Judy and Lesley at the shops at 5 pm. Judy left and Lesley and I waited for Don. At 6:15 we went to Lesley's. About 8:20 Judy and Mike came. We went to the Mapes. Judy left, smoked some weed. Don got 25 purple dexies. Mike walked home with me to use the phone.


November 3 Wednesday

Lunch- went to the water tower and drew the school. Went to the caf and met Lesley, Sandi, Heidi and Dave, sat at a table. English- went to the library, sat with Dave Webb and friends. nite- Don came over from about 7:50 to 10:20, we were in the livingroom.


November 4 Thursday

all the grassFrench- Christine lent me the book "A Child's Garden of Grass". Gym(spare)- went to the City Hall (Racine, Reich and Tate) [Tate was from my Gym class, a big boy] and talked. Lunch- went to the shops, got a little brown notebook (26). Went to the caf, met Lesley, Sandi and Heidi. Derek S shot an apple at us. nite- met Don at the shops, went to Lesley's. Brenda there, went to the Mapes about 8:30. I got 50¢ of weed. We made (Lesley, Don and a blond guy) 2 jays. Went to Judy's for a few minutes. Went to Lesley's, got bike, went home.


November 5 Friday

Lesley told Sandi what she thought of her [?]. Gym(spare)- went to the City Hall with Racine and Tate. Came back, I went down to the place near the locker room, Cook threw us out. Lunch- I sat in the library, did English homework. nite- met Judy and Don at the shops. We got a ride to Fairview. I got a movie reel for 200 ft. Got the bus to Lesley's, sat in the kitchen. Mike phoned, her parent's out.


November 6 Saturday

Hair uncut January 23 - November 6, 1971. Judy came with me to this great place on Côte des Neiges to get my hair cut (thinned, but not the length)(27). Went to Lesley's after for a few minutes. Don was there. We went to Fairview, went to the caf there (28). Judy went home. Went to Lesley's, about 7 Mike came. At 8 we went out(Mike, Don, Lesley, Judy and I) to Lindsay Place H.S. for a coffee house. There was no coffee house. Don broke into a church near there. Went to Velos Pizza in Valois village. Back to Lesley's, Mike and I talked about the Beatles. Mike left at 10. I left at 11.




26a. from an email from Bob Kennedy, June 21 2008: "duke" means to skip ( I've been a High School English Teacher for about 25 years and sometimes I do a unit on slang including a West Island Component where I ask the kids what would I mean in Pte Claire circa 1975 if I used the words " rant", "hustle", "clip", "juicer" and "tail


26. See May 1-6, 1972


27. Actually it was one of the early seventies style 'the shag'. The place was one of the new 'Unisex' salons. I really wasn't that crazy about the cut, but at least the length wasn't really affected, which at that time was all the way, this was my last haircut until November 13, 1981.


28. Harvest House. See March 30, 1973