"You should be dancing"
                               -The Bee Gees

September 1976

Gillian went to Abbott during this semester, as did I again.

September 12 Sunday
Outdoor art show at Stuart Hall, the Simons (134) and Gillian there.

Some people this semester included Joanne (nicknamed 'Hoover' because of the amount of mescaline she did) and the Iranian brothers Atta and Abou.

This month I read 'Lord of the Rings' and this time I loved it (I'd read 'The Hobbit' earlier but found it too simple). I've since read it may times.

October 1976

richard and bob
Richard and Bob

October 1 Friday
Bought a Pioneer tape deck for the van.

October 4 Monday
At Bob's with him and Dave Lambert.

October 8 Friday
Thanksgiving party at Gillian's. Alex, Abby, Andy, Jennifer and others.

October 15 Friday
My sister's husband Max got his broken nose fixed.

October 16 Saturday
Went to dinner at the Place for Steak
[for Sue and my birthdays. Sue said the soup was canned, the waiter overheard and assured us it wasn't].

October 17 Sunday
At Peter's. [he sold drugs]

October 18 Monday
My 20th birthday [which was difficult at the time, I felt old].

October 19 Tuesday
Mike and I helped Mich move her stuff to her house, just before she leaves for out west.

October 26 Tuesday
Sue made me a Star Trek shirt at her place in Dollard
[for a costume party].

October 30 Saturday
Costume party at Earl's in Ste Anne's (and later at Sue's) [The first, at Earl's (Brown) I went with Ralph and Andy. Bob was there, Sean too, probably Christine. (Sean had done acid and painted his face). Later Ralph, Andy and I went down to the Pisse-Dru to play pool. Ralph was dressed as the Clint Eastwood character from the spaghetti westerns, and Andy as a priest (his father was a minister). A girl asked where I'd got my Star Trek shirt, and was disappointed when I told her. Andy played pool with a girl dressed as a nun. Later I went to Sue and Max's party]

134. The Simons seemed to be lucky when it came to art. At the bottom of the staircase in their house in Pointe Claire hung a painting we always thought was extremely ugly. It was of an old woman with glaring eyes, a relative of Gillian. Well, it turns out this painting was by the German artist Otto Dix.

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