part II 1971-1977


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December 12 Sunday

Bob and I drove to Hudson at night in a blizzard, played 4000 AD with Mike H and Richard at Richard's.


December 14 Tuesday

Mich, Ralph and I took Mike to Mirabel airport (my first time), Mike is going to France [for Christmas].


Postcard from Mike written late December, 1976 from Paris


Dear Alan,


How are you? Well, I'm enjoying life immensely, strolling around Paris, eating at sumptuous restaurants, + generally taking things easy. No complaints.

Have a Merry xmas if you haven't heard from me again, and thanks once again for the drive to the airport.




Say Hello to Michelle etc if you happen to see them. Did you get the annual?


December 17-22 ?

Rob returns from university in New Brunswick.


Postcard from Michel Flahault [to Ralph], postmarked Le Vesinet, 22 12 1976




I hope this is where we had our beer together (I mean that particular café). [The postcard shows the Champs-Elysées with the Arc de Triomphe in the background and a sidewalk café in the foreground. I had visited Mike in Paris the previous summer.] I'm spending my days travelling around Paris, St Germain en Laye, and Le Vesinet. Wednesday I went to Les Ibis [a park near his father's house in Le Vesinet] + fed the swans [as we had done six months earlier] who were accompanied by about 150 ducks, pidgeons, geese, + doves. Really glad I came. Write if you have the time, Michel


Postcard from Michel [to Ralph], postmarked Le Vesinet, 24 12 1976. The postcard shows the lake in Les Ibis park in Le Vesinet


Remember feeding the ducks here?


Dec 24.




Hello once again. Just thought I'd inform you I'd be returning Dec 30, at 2:35 in the afternoon, Flight 871. Do you feel like coming to meet me? Maybe you could get Nicolette or Alan to go up (To Mirabel).


I hope you can make it. Having a great time. Also hope you have (or have had) a Merry Christmas and try and think up something good for New Years Eve!




[I can't recall if we did pick him up, though if we did it was not because we were forewarned by this card. There is no way the card could have made it to me by 30 December, 6 days after mailing, 2 of which would have been holidays. But Mike was there for the New Year's Eve party at Rob's]



December 31-January 1

New Year's Eve at Rob's. Danielle and her boyfriend, Ralph, Mike, Monica, Michelle and Andy.




Michelle, Rob and Ralph