July 28 Wednesday
Still no power. a ceiling in a classroom at work had gotten wet, turned to mush and fallen down. Spent the day cleaning it up.

The power was off for 25 hours, 13 minutes.

Alex Mitchel died in the Maritimes of drugs [?, as in it may not have been accidental].

August 1976

August 11-12 Wednesday-Thursday
Cleaned the library for an MUC mayors meeting.

August 13 Friday
Played Risk with Bob, Janet and Mike H at Mike's. Andy (a friend) came in later. A long audio recording exists.

August 19 Thursday
While cashing my paycheck at the bank at Fairview, someone stole my jean jacket from the car [it was already beginning to fall apart, I couldn't understand why anyone would take it. The problem was the keys to the van's mag wheels were in the jacket, and they stayed locked until 1977].

August 21 Saturday
Fred Parnell died
[while swimming up north with Foster, Ernie and others? I guess they were out at night, swimming on drugs and Fred couldn't make it back to shore. A shock, Peter phoned me with the news].

August 23 Monday
Last day of work.

August 31 Tuesday
Gillian and I went to Abbott, then to Westmount. Visited Abby and Brian on Summit Circle. We saw the smoke of the old American pavilion at Man and His World burning from there [the metal geodesic dome survived].

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