part II 1971-1977


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November 12 Friday

Richelle's birthday at Tracy's (Tate, in Dorval) and the Mapes. [one of the last times I'd ever see this group of people].


November 15 Monday

The P.Q. won the election [and many English families would move away. I voted P.Q. in this election (and I believe Ralph and Andy did also)...].


November 16 Monday

Shaved [my mustache].


November 17 Wednesday

Had a woman dentist [which at this time was unusual].


November 19 Friday

Drove out and saw the finished Olympic Stadium for the first time.


Letter from Sue Essiambre [to Ralph], postmarked Woodstock, Ontario, Nov 30, 7 PM, 1976


Nov 29/76


Hi Ralph,


Remember me? Sorry I didn't say good bye. Or haven't you noticed that I've left already? Anyways I decided to write you a letter hoping that you will write back. Are you going to school or are you working? I'm doing either [neither?]. Have you heard of the cotton burger? it's a synthetic burger. Gross eh?


Anyways, I live in a little hick town called Woodstock. I live out in the country on an acre lot. The scenery is really nice. We have a cornfield behind us + big fields in front of us. We live on a dirt road called the 13th line. The road does wonders for my car. Our mailbox is out by the side of the road with our name on it. When you get mail the mailman puts up a little red stick to tell you you got mail; when we want to mail a letter we put it in our box + put up the stick. At least it is easier than trying to find a mailbox.


I haven't met many people at all. My parents left for Hawaii the night I got here, so I've been alone for the week. I should celebrate since I've been here for a week + I'm still sane. Well as sane as I was when I got here.


Anyways I just wanted to say goodbye + hello. If you're ever passing thru you have a place to stay. If you go to Toronto give me a call (yes we have a phone) 462-2877, area code 519. Please write back. Say hi to everyone for me. Be good



Sue. (137)



December 1976


December 3 Thursday

Mich came back from out west. [she gave me a letter that she was going to mail from there (Lake Louise). I never opened it and still haven't]. Played Risk at Mike Habel's. I got locked out from home [having forgotten my keys. Karen and a friend wouldn't open the door, thinking it was a stranger].




137. Ralph's note: I can't recall ever writing back, and given my poor record on that score, I doubt that I did. In July of 1978 I received an invitation- postmarked 9 July- to Sue's wedding. She was marrying a John Alan Racey on Saturday, 19 August, 1978. The venue was Bert's Apple Orchard, R.R. #6, Woodstock, Ontario, which seems to have been near the home of Racey's parents, where the reception was to be held.