part II 1971-1977


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May 17 Monday

Met Mike and Peter at Fairview, talked about Long Sault.


May 19 Wednesday

Rain for days. Drove Rob to St Eustache to get second hand auto parts (St Honet) [for the Volvo].


Took a photo of Mike and Ralph in the back of the McDonald's on St John's in D.D.O. on May 18-20?


May 21-23 Friday-Sunday

Went to Long Sault with Peter, Mike, Ralph and Heather. Got campsite 85, by the water.


The weather wasn't good, one night it poured [some guys pounded on the van to get in.


Still, many people were there besides us. There was Alison, Rob Read, Kevin, Kenny Rang, Guy, Foster, René, Cathy, Tracy, Rachelle and others I don't remember. For my last visit there, it was a sad goodbye].


Smoked and partied in a big tent on the campsite across from us [maybe Dugald's?].


I read the 'Foundation Trilogy' by Asimov around now (a book I'd heard about for years. I loved it). I would read many of his books (both fiction and non fiction) over the summer. I lent the book to Janet, and she still had it in 1996.


May 28 Friday

Mike, Mich and I went to a house across from Pizza Romana in the PC village [by the water]. Peter and Stuart Patterson there [Peter and Mich had become friends, Stuart was a friend of Peter and Foster's].


May 29 Saturday

Ralph's first upstairs party.


May 29-30, the first appearance of the 'triangle' symbol on a drawing. This was a summer of drawings.


May 31 Monday

Played Risk at Peter's. Mike, Ralph, Bruce Stapleton [a friend of Peter's, some knew him in Rennie]. Ralph last night here [on his way to Europe].



"White Punks on Dope...

...all fucked up"


-The Tubes


June 1976



June 1 Tuesday

My mother's birthday [48th] dinner at les Trois Arches in Roxboro (good).


Postcard from Danielle written June 1, 1976 from Holland


Dear Alan


I love it out here but I hope you've been enjoying Long Sault or Mt Marcie or a well paying job. Ralph should be coming tomorrow and I'm kind of looking forward to seeing him. Say hello to Mike for me and tell him I'll send him a card to my house. Drive carefully, take care of yourself. Happy June and summer. Love Danielle.

Mike and Ralph

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