part II 1971-1977


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April 16 Friday

Played Risk with Janet and Bob in Bob's back yard.


April 17 Saturday

Maggie drove down for a visit [She would move in the summer, as would Sue, Bennie and many others. Dave had 'vanished' in 1975. The old people were quickly dispersing. To the others I had seemed to disappear, what with hanging out with Bob, and spending time drawing and smoking drugs. Sue Essiambre phone me once to get me to come out, and I wouldn't...during this year I had wanted to photograph everyone in the setting of their choice, but nothing ever came of it...].


April 18 Sunday

29.3°c - 85°F during the day. Janet and I went out to Ste Anne's, got her from home. She, Bob and I went over to Mike H's and played Risk.


April 22 Thursday

My aunt gave me a ring she bought on her vacation in Mexico.


April 25 Sunday

Recording of Bob and Richard at Bob's


April 26 Monday




May 1976


May 3 Monday

Watched the Northern Lights at Bob's, with him and Janet.


May 7 Friday

Went with Ralph and Andy to one of the worst concerts I had ever seen. Joe Cocker was so drunk he could barely perform. (By the way, the opening act had was a band from Toronto with Terry Pimm's brother as a member).


An interesting point. Until 1996 the date of this concert had been lost (until the release of the Forum book), yet I had always placed it in May...


May 10 Monday

Took pictures of Bob's cats [which he has].


May 13 Thursday

Talked to a guy in the lounge who will raise the flags at the Olympics.


May 14 Friday

Pulled up to the intersection of Cartier and the 2&20 about 30 sec after a Bell truck had hit a boy of 17-18 and killed him. He and a friend had been riding their bikes, and his friend was in shock...[that accident affected me. I knew the other boy by sight, and it was plain he was in deep shock..]. (Note see below)


Mich gave me the Star Trek shirt. We played Risk at Mike H's in Baie d'Urfé. Bob, Christine [a friend of Bob and Richard] and Hilory [a loud, strange girl, she sold bad hash. Once she went down to Alex's with Gillian (later in the year) and gave them a bad time over drugs].


May 15 Saturday

At Seigniory Park near South West One with Heather, Andy, Louise, Ralph and Mike. Played soccer (for about 2 minutes) [at this time, what with smoking and no exercise I was a wreck].




Note: In 2005, John Rennie High School held its 50th Anniversary Reunion. Because of this, many emails passed back and forth containng memories of Pointe Claire past. One writen by Mark Rehder on May 4, 2005 went as such:


Ah, it's always fun to look back...


My family used to have a copy of a publication (put out by either the City or the library) that detailed the history and settlement of the Pointe Claire area. Showed all the old seigneury (sp?) layouts, the development of the Village, etc. Wish I knew what happened to it...


I grew up at 8 Cedar Ave. a few doors from Cedar Park, and right across from the former Unitarian Church (moved to Winston Circle in '73). Our house was the second oldest on the street, built in 1901, and I remember my dad replacing the old push-button light switches as they gave out. The family was in the area from 1952 (I was born in 59) until I moved to T.O. in 84.


I remember my Mom's account number at the Royal Bank being only three digits, since all the account numbers were by branch, not nationwide, and she opened her account just have the plaza was built in ther early 50's. The St. John's Rd. / Hwy 20 intersection was a level crossing, as was the 20 and Sources and the 20 and Cartier (where I recall one of my Cedar Park classmates getting killed by a truck riding his bike against the lights).


At Cedar Park I had Mrs. Wallbridge for Gr. 1, Gr. 2 was Miss. Fisher, Gr. 3 was a young woman whose name I forget (think she got married in the middle of the year), Gr. 4 I can't recall, Miss Bishop for Gr. 5, and Miss Gilmour for Gr. 6. I remember Miss Bishop most of all, as she taught all five of us over the years! (and that's saying something about longevity, as there's a 16 year age difference between the youngest and oldest in my family). One thing I recall about Gr. 4 was that we sat grouped at tables instead of desks, which was experimental at the time.


Damn, I feel old. hehe



Janet and Bob