part II 1971-1977


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March 24 Wednesday

17°C- played 4000 AD at Abbott.


March 25 Thursday

A sunset of red, orange and pink.


March 29 Monday

A photo of Sean Donnally [Bob knew Sean, the guitar playing hit of the lounge, which was reopened this semester. We used to make fun of Sean, as he would breeze into the lounge and perform for the young girls...]


March 31 - Led Zeppelin's 'Presence' is released. So much had changed in the past year. Up until then, Zeppelin albums had been an event, but this one passes unrecorded in the journals... I did buy it thought, as I did the live album later in the year (but didn't like it).







April 1976



April 1 Thursday

Watched Mich work on my Star Trek t-shirt [the Enterprise, signed with the symbols for our names. She did the silkscreening] in a room at John Rennie. Then she, Rob and I played an 'oil' game at Michelle's [not a great game].


April 2 Friday

A Risk game at Abbott, players were a guy (see June 27, 1975) [there is no entry for that date, so until this is resolved I'll let it stand], Richard, Mike Zakar [a guy from Australia and a good gamester] , Bob plus another guy and myself. Glen Roy [a friend of Mike Habel and Andy (his brother), both friends of Bob. I ran into Glen at Ruth Taylor's party on September 28, 1996] and Steve Waters were present, also Jane Patterson (see summer 1973). This scene became the 1978 drawing 'The Gamesters of 1976'.


April 5 Monday

At Bob's with Mike H, Andy H and Glen R. Bob had begun to buy the many electronic musical devices he would soon have, using a rumoured $20,000 inheritance he was said to have received.


April 6 Tuesday

Richard and a girl planted a rose bush at Bob's (Bob's great talent was not music, but gardening).


April 7 Wednesday

At Abbott. Peter, Ralph, Bob, Richard and Janet.


April 14 Wednesday

At Abbott. Played Risk outside. Bob, Mike Z, Ralph, Andy, Richard? ( I told a guy there to shut up, he was talking so much (and was on acid) ). Steve McKnight was around later.


April 15 Thursday

A party at Gillian's, many strangers [Gillian's parties since 1973 were filled with her friends, that's ok but they were always so different.


The room of terror. Somehow a number of people had drifted upstairs to a room. Gillian was there and then she got up and left. No one had anything to say, we just stood there for what seemed like hours...]


Sean on guitar