drawingMish- Listen, The House of Dung.
Alan- Dung Story. The True Life Story of Dung in the City.
Ralph- For Whom the Dung Tolls.
Mike- Peyton Dung.
Ralph- Great Dungs in History...The Tale of Two Dungs.
Mike- The Eleven O'Clock Dung.
Alan- The Late Night Dung.
Ralph- The Late Late Dung.
Mike- If the Dung is Right.
Mish- The City at Dung.
Ralph- Gunga Dung.
Mish- Kung Dung.
Ralph- Iron Dung...Get Dung.
Mike- The National Dung.
Ralph- When Days were Dung..The Days of Our Dung...The Edge of Dung...The Love of Dung...Love
Dung Style.
Mish- Dungy and Cher.
Mike- The Sonny and Dung Show.
Ralph- The Carol Dunget Show...Tina Turner and the Dungetts.
Alan- Tony Orlando and Dung.
Ralph- It's A Wild Wild Dung.
Alan- Catch that Dung.
Mike- Medical Dung.
Ralph- Police Dung....so what are some other great TV shows?
Alan- You've got nine feet to go.
Ralph- The Fifth Dung.
Alan- Dung, the Real Thing.
Ralph- Quick! One more TV show.
Mike- Dung! Maude?...My Three Dungs...

By the way, 'Buddha and the Chocolate Box' was the name of a Cat Stevens album...

Around this time Rob looked at other Volvos to drive. I drove him and Mike to a house in Kirkland to check one out, it was pouring rain.

November 14 Friday
It snowed
[the last play of the 4000 AD game begun in July]

November 28-30 Friday-Sunday
Sheila visited.

December 1975

Began to see Bob, Janet and Bob's friend Richard more now. Richard had met Bob roughly the same time I did.

December 5 Friday
At Bob's. Janet and Richard there.

December 6 Saturday
nite- at Rob's. Sue, Mike, Mich?, Ralph, and I were there. Played Monopoly with alcohol as a penalty.

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