part II 1971-1977


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February 1976


I begin to write dates in star dates this month (eg. 7602.01)


February 3 Tuesday

Mike and I went to contractors and filled out job applications in the morning [Mike was putting pressure on me to do this]. Then we went out to Abbott [I hadn't gone back for the fourth semester]. Bob and I went to Brittain Hall to get hash (room 243), went to the wrong room at first (254). Mike, Bob and I went to Bob's and played Risk. Mike took over the world.


Bob introduced Risk, a game we'd play all year. It appears in a drawing, two audio recordings, a movie and numerous photos.


Mike was good at games, one night in late '75?, there was a game of 4000 AD at Rob's in which he had at least 175 ships cruising around.


February 4 Wednesday

Drove to Abbott. Andy, Ralph, Terry, Alison, Cathy there. Bob, Ralph, Terry and I went to Laird to get a master copy of my drawing [of a guitar with Bob and Richard's names] for Bob's show at the Yellow Door. Got the Spock drawing done, just to do it.


February 5 Thursday

Mike and I went to Abbott, bought some weed.


February 6 Friday

Mike and I got jobs at Performance Sailcraft building Laser sailboats.


February 9 Monday

Started work, chasing bubbles [we covered the mold of the deck with dry fibreglass, then resin. With a brush and roller we smoothed out the bubbles, 10 hours a day, 4 days a week (Friday off), minimum wage.


It was a chamber of horrors. From breathing the resin all day one became a bit fried and the fibreglass fibres made your skin itch (but only for the first two weeks). Once I saw a box of it plopped down in the sunlight and the air was filled with fibredust (and no, we wore no masks).


Two French girls and one Indian woman were nice to work with.


I did almost no drawings the time I worked there...]


February 17 Tuesday

Smoked with some French guys in my van at work. We got out early because of snow.


February 28 Saturday

[A party] at Bennie's.



March 1976


March 1 Monday

Skipped work, went to Abbott, got hash from Bob [by now my pants and shoes were covered in hardened resin].


March 16 Tuesday

Quit work after 5 weeks, 1 day, 4 hours [my boss asked me why. When I said the resin they didn't ask any more questions].