part II 1971-1977


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August 29 Friday

Sue, Bennie, Andy and I went to the Holiday Inn in Pointe Claire [at first upstairs in the Winged Chair (named for the leather chairs there), then downstairs] to the Blind Pig. We met Mike Sawyer and Mike (a guy from the Ste Anne pool hall) [this seems to have been none other than Mike Biscott of later infamy. The group was bad, it wasn't my kind of place (it seems to have been Sue's idea)].


August 30 Saturday

Power failure.Went to Lesley's, Judy there too. Two guys came later.


[Late August. In London John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, auditioned for the Sex Pistols. The punk movement totally passed us by in the period 1975-77, FM radio controlled what we heard and it wasn't punk (bits and pieces of the new music surfaced ei 'Pattie Smith', 'The Stranglers'. I did see the Ramone's first album in a store, but..). The newest music around? Disco...Bruce Springstein...]



September 1975


September 2 Tuesday

First day of the 3rd semester at John Abbott. Bennie and I drove in, we saw on the way a truck in the shape of a giant cow [which no one believed].


September 11 Thursday

The MUC police were on strike, and to protest they drove around with all their sirens on all at once. An audio recording exists [audio sample].


September 13 Sunday

Westmount [visited Gillian, Alex and others there. Gillian was going to school in town].


I had a class, Psychology with Rob, and Anthropology with Peter Fiset.


In that class I first heard Peter use the word "Brack". He used it like "I'm bracked out", meaning the feeling of smoking earlier in the day, and now it's 4:30 and you've had enough class.


By the way, at this time students could smoke cigarettes in class...


My future logo makes its appearance this month as my initials put together to form a triangle.


September 20 Friday

Party at Brenda's apartment [on Lakeshore road in PC near Sources]. Maggie, Guy, Rob, Mich, Heather, Louise and a friend.

After the party the girls wanted to go downtown [dancing. Disco was everywhere. I'd seen my first 'Disco Sucks' t-shirt in the summer at the Mapes.

We waited in line at one place, until Louise talked back to the doorman over ID. We (Heather, Louise, Brenda, a friend and I] went to another place, the Lorilie. [This was near the only gay bar I knew of at this time, the Limelight].


Brenda had more than one party. Alison, Kevin were at one. Brenda had run around the Mapes on night asking people to come, unfortunately some did. As we left Mike and I could hear it as we walked on Lakeshore road (and her apartment was on the top floor of a highrise).