part II 1971-1977


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July 26 Saturday

Gillian, Brian, Abby and I saw 'Flesh Gordon' (porno sci-fi).


Sometime this summer Rob, Mich, Ralph? Mike? and I saw 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' at Dorval Cinema.


July 31 Thursday

Heather, Brenda, Louise, a friend and I went swimming at the locks at Pointe aux Cascades. Guy came later. [we jumped off the locks into the greenest of water. I drove Louise's friend to Montreal after].



August 1975


August 1 Friday

Michelle, Heather, others and I were driving out to the locks to swim (heatwave 36¡C). In Ste Anne's as I passed a car, the front tire blew. The sound echoed off the car and the girls thought I'd hit it. Lost a hubcap. A guy on a motorbike stopped as we were changing the tire, helped [I'm sure he thought we were a car load of young females only]. He told us about another place to swim. We followed him to the Vaudreaul quarry. [The quarry was set back from the highway, surrounded by woods and very private. The quarry itself was flooded with water, which was relatively clean (there were fish in it). At the time you could drive your car up a dirt road and park, then walk through a hole cut in a fence. The guy warned us there would be nude swimmers, and he was right. Ah, the boys]


August 2-3 Saturday-Sunday

Swimming at the quarry. [On one of these days we were out in the middle, many of us fighting over a log which people used to float around on. At times I had only a toe on it, as there were so many of us and the log was being pushed under the water. No one believed I was in trouble. Lucky some people swam away and I could rest. That was too close...]


August 15 Friday

Rob, Mich, Ralph, Mike and I went downtown to Cafe Prague coffee house. The show was a satire of old radio shows [Mike and I weren't really into this].


August 25 Monday

Registration at JAC.


Found a Tangerene Dream record at Discus 'Rubycon' around now. Another band I was listening to that summer was Lynyrd Skynyrd. (131)


August 26 Tuesday

Mike and I drove up to Mt Tremblant park to visit Maggie and Heather, who were camping there [we saw our first Pacer car in the Autoroute. Drove down a dirt road into the park. The girls were by a lake. It was a bit cool there. We left by sundown].


Around this time I stopped eating hotdogs because Mike told me what was in them...




131. There was also more forgettable music that is not worth recording here. This entire period is confused, sad and decadent. Ralph said he would have marked the end of the era in c. September 1975.