part II 1971-1977


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The scenery is quite nice, but it makes Mt Marcy look like 7th Heaven. If I stayed for the full camp season (4 different camps lasting 8 weeks) I'd be back most probably Sept. 1st, so I'm not staying for last camp, just so I can accompany you all to Marcy.


I had a short tour of Toronto when I arrived, and no way (In my opinion, Alan) is it the shit city its supposed to be. It's really nice. I had a good close look at the CN Tower, which looks pretty good!

The address here is : Camp Kawagama

Russel landing P.O

Dorset, Ontario



Please Please Please. It's the only thing that keeps me from going insane.

At the moment (continuously) I'm in the worst vile temper you've ever seen. And it's going to stay that way. It's the only way to control the kids, and the temper's no act. Well, anyway, please write soon,


Your friend

Michel [a sketch of an opened cap of mescaline appears here]


July 4 Friday

Tom Snyder on from 1-7am [I became a real night person that summer, watching Tom Synder's 'Tomorrow' and listening to Dick Summer on 66 WNBC New York on the radio (with important information such as the world would end in 2012, which seemed remorely far away..). I think, on a good night I was able to receive a show from Nashville. Playing with the AM dial began at Long Sault, on the car radio.


Later Gillian, Abby, Brian, myself and others scored at the Mapes (an event recorded on tape), then partied at Gillian's. Andy and Bennie came over later.




One event at the Mapes is not recorded, and probably happened this year. Tracy and I were in the main section one night and the local biker gang came in. "We want your table" one said to us. They got it].


July 6 Sunday

Heather and I hitchhiked to 'Sunday in the Park' in NDG [around sunset, starting from under St John's on the 2&20. The guy who picked us up took us there by a strange route, below Upper Lachine road by the train yard. We were a bit freaked, but he took us to the park].


July 7 Monday

Ralph and I met Heather,Tracy, Brenda, Louise and her cousin (they saw us as we walked by the Manior coming back from the God class). [We made our way to Brenda's where] she and Tracy had a fight.


July 10 Thursday

Maggie, Guy and I did mesc, played pool at the Mapes [around this time Maggie, Guy (her French boyfriend) and I would spend afternoons at the Mapes, toking and playing pool. Fred would sometimes be there too. The song "Old Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers reminds me of these afternoons, as it always seemed to be playing there].


July 12 Saturday

[Went with Rob and Mich to visit a friend of Rob's from work in St Bruno. At the apartment there was a fake mountain and pool of water. Also went for a walk in the woods].


July 13 Sunday

Began a game of 4000 AD between Rob, Mich, Ralph and I that we continued into November and never did finish.


July 15 Tuesday

Got the muffler done on the Lincoln. The American/Russian joint space shot was launched.


Mike was in Algonquin Park [this may be wrong. As the letter above states, he was working at a camp in Ontario]. Ralph worked at Pascal's warehouse on the Trans-Canada in Pointe Claire.